Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Top 3 Body Exfoliators

Just wanted to write a quick post on my favourite body exfoliators. I have in the past tested around no less than 50 and I've narrowed them down to 3.

Firstly exfoliating is probably one of my priorities in a beauty regime.  Having baby soft skin that feels as much as it looks smooth, makes me feel sexier and also makes me feel more nurturing.

It's important to remember that when applying your body scrub to always follow the instructions. Some will say use on dry skin, but most say damp skin and hardly any will say wet skin.  If the skin is too wet i.e. you're in the shower then the particles will just dissolve before you've had a chance to massage in.  I always apply in the bath (one leg sticking out the bath), and then rinse off after in the shower.

It's also important to focus on the dry areas such as knees, ankles, arms etc and be careful to avoid the face area.  Check out the essential oils, especially with menthol and peppermint as you probably won't want them going anywhere near your private parts - if this is the case don't use in the bath!  Also never use body scrubs on any broken, irritated or sensitive skin and if it does cause irritation stop immediately!

Anyway here are my top 3 body exfoliators:-

Janjira Art of Siam Argan Oil Sugar Milky Body Scrub £26

This beautifully fragranced body scrub is based around refined sugar particles that really give a deep exfoliation.  I love the grittiness of the scrub as it's packed full of sugar but doesn't scratch the skin and so is ideal for all skin types.  It contains a huge abundance of oils, which help hydrate and tone the skin such as relaxing Lavender, enriching Sweet Almond, nourishing Argan as well as fruit extracts to help further improve exfoliation.

St Tropez Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Polish £12.50

The ideal preparation before applying fake tan, simply use 24 hours beforehand to create a blank canvas for your chosen tan.  Again I like the fact it gives a really good polish however, it spreads easily so a little goes a long way. The pearlescent polish is ideal to use in tanning as rather than breaking down the tan, it's actually formulated to work with tan!  A must for a night out or before you go on holiday!

Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub Coconut £14.95

The smell is like walking into a sweetie shop selling Starbucks.  It's incredibly messy to use and so you want to make sure you're standing in the bath, but it's made my top 3 as not only does it smells just yummy, but it can also be used on the face (avoiding eyes and mouth).  The Coconut Oil is incredibly nourishing and coffee is well known for it's anti-cellulite properties. The products are all organic and vegan friendly!

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