Thursday, 17 November 2016


Yes you read that correctly. I was recently send some Proskin Slim leggings to trial and at first thought as opening the cellophane packaging I wondered what all the fuss was about. Why these leggings had such a huge celebrity following and that my Twitter is dominated by Proskin loving fans.

At first sight they look like any normal pair of lycra leggings, but that's where the similarities stop there. As soon as I put them on they felt like a second skin. Being 5 ft 9 and a size 12-14 I struggle to get any leggings to fit as they kind of drop down gradually throughout the day.  These didn't - they came right up to my waist and snugged close to my skin without any creasing.  I put them on an hour's dog walk test and a 45 minute spinning session test and they didn't budge.

However, I wouldn't be writing up a whole single blog on one item if they were just standard leggings. No, these are simply just magic with groundbreaking technology that helps you lose weight, reduce cellulite and make you look slim as soon as you put them on. I can certainly vouch for the last one, as they did indeed make my legs look more toned.

The secret of these leggings lies in the fabric, which has been created using microencapsulated yarn. These microcapsules contain caffeine, documented to reduce cellulite, Vitamin E to help prevent ageing, ceramides to keep skin smooth, retinol to stimulate collagen production and aloe vera to help calm any inflammation and moisturise skin.  In essence they are a spa treatment within a legging!

So is there a catch - well yes and no, the catch is you must wear them for 8 hours a day for 28 days to get the real effects from the active ingredients encased in the capsules. However, whilst I haven't had time to test them for this long, the reviews and testimonies speak for themselves.  I certainly won't have a problem living in them as they are so very comfortable.

Proskins Slim Leggings are available for £49.95 and come in a huge variety of designs and colours.  Proskins offer a huge abundance of sportswear for women, men and kids, each item offering their own unique properties. Check out their website for further details

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  1. Hey!! Great to know about these leggings. Have purchased work out clothes from online and have received amazing quality leggings. Have been using since then for my gym training and happy with their comfort level. Will recommend my friends too.