Friday, 22 July 2016

Quick tips to looking younger

It's happened - my 44th birthday and a promise I won't succumb to Botox (even though I've tried and loved it). Whats happened you ask? The wrinkles, the dehydration lines, the stomach OMG the stomach. In my defence I'm a single mum of 2 (my youngest has Aspergers), and I rarely get sleep. I suffer with hot flashes, I refuse to throw away my size 10 clothes even though I'm a 14 and I still think I look cool in a floral Adidas bomber jacket (I don't, I could be Ellie Goulding's mother). Yet I refuse to age and whilst my body is failing me, my spirit isn't. Anyway to bring them both up to level, here's some quick tips to knock a few years off.


  • Go lighter not darker with hair colour.  Too dark is harsh and very ageing, as a general rule the colour you were as a young child, will suit you now.  Same works for going to light, don't its ageing, just a few shades of your natural colour.
  • Keep highlights framing the face and a few inches down from the roots.
  • A harsh fringe should be replaced with a softer eye skimming fringe. Harsh blunt lines, can accentuate lines.
  • Keep hair in good condition, hydrate with masks as healthy hair is younger hair.
  • Don't go too short, people automatically think you should have shorter hair as you get older, this is nonsense.  
  • Choose your hairdresser wisely, don't go somewhere trendy where shaved/dyed pink hair is all the trend - choose a hairdresser who listens to you and takes into account not only your face shape, but most importantly your lifestyle! My hairstyle is simply wash and go - ideal for busy school mums.

  • Now is the time to concentrate on hydration more than anything else. Why? Well when skin is dehydrated lines set in and whilst water can plump the out, long term dehydration causes permanent wrinkles.
  • Sunblock - pigmentation and hormones are rife during menopause and sunblock is the best preventative wrinkle cream there is.
  • Exfoliate, but choose a product that has Glycolic Acid rather than harsh scrubs. Fruit acids are ideal for sensitive skins.
  • Relaxing facials are great but won't help you look younger (although they will alleviate some stress!) Book yourself in with a skin specialist at a clinic. Whilst more expensive these clinics have top end skincare that whilst more expensive, do work.
  • If Botox is your prescription, use a scattering of Botox. Sprinkles as skin consultants call it. Make sure you choose your nurse by asking for recommendation. Always make sure she can give a prescription medicine as Botox is only available on prescription.  The first person to see your skin for Botox is someone who can prescribe, then it can be done by someone under their authority.

  • As we get older and skin becomes more lined, powder products can create a 'caked' effect, which just enhances lines. Choose BB or CC creams, or tinted moisturisers for a fresh, dewy look.  
  • Brighten your smile by choosing a bright coloured lipstick with blue undertones. Any warm toned colours such as coffee, orange and some neutrals will make teeth look more yellow.
  • Go for cream blusher and set with a light dusting of powder for a youthful look.
  • Keep eyebrows defined, but not with heavy, dark pencil.  Lightly feather with a shade close to your natural hair colour. Dark eyebrows, especially with blonde hair look harsh and are incredibly unflattering.
  • Silk eyeshadow textures are the best, but make sure they don't have any glitter particles. Over 40 and glitter sadly is a no-go unless it's an Xmas party (then glitter away).
  • Navy mascara looks stunning on blondes and really makes eyes shine, more so than black mascara.
  • Its always worth getting yourself booked into a make-up consultation, but my best tip! Choose your counter wisely. Go to all the counters in a department store and check out the sales assistants. Chances are if they are covered in make-up then you will be too! Choose someone who you think looks good, and remember you don't have to buy! 

Keeping your cool this summer!

As I write weekly events usually happen quite near to publication, so when I mention the good old British weather my features kind of make sense. Last week saw a Jean Michel Jarre display of lightening, thunder that resulted in the dog and kids squish in my bed, and torrential rain that sprayed my walls with mud graffiti (hanging baskets). 

However, whilst I love a good storm I can put myself first on the list to say I detest humidity and it’s been humid!  There is nothing remotely nice about sweating and Lord knows with my hot flushes I suffer enough already.  Try twisting and putting a bra on, whilst rivets of sweat dribble from your neck sticking hair to your back. Having to breathe through your mouth as the aroma of onions from someone’s armpits on the tube kill your nostril hairs one by one. Unable to wear silk or satin unless you want it to look like one of those ‘Hypercolor’ rave shirts (yes I was a raver in the 80s).  Then of course there’s an influx of spots, frizzy hair and sliding makeup. All of this due to the air being saturated with more water – fun!

This week I’ve been testing some products to help combat the stressors of humidity and products that don’t need a weather forecast to dictate their use!

Summerdown Mint Bath Soak & Body Lotion prices from £5

By the end of each day my legs feel swollen, I’m sweaty and sticky and so when the Summerdown products landed by my front door I couldn’t wait to test them.  As soon as I’d settled my youngest in front of Power Rangers, I retreated to my bathroom and poured a huge glug of this bath soak under running water.  The aroma of mint and lemongrass sent waves of relaxation through my mind, and as I lay down in the warm bath my jaw finally unclenched. It was the equivalent of getting into cool, cotton bed sheets – utter bliss.

Semilac Starter Kit £60

This hybrid nail varnish combines gel, UV and nail varnish to give long-lasting and ultra shiny nails.  The Starter Kit contains everything to recreate the perfect salon manicure and is the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon indoors.  I tested the kit and am happy to confirm that my varnish lasted a good 9 days before chipping and was shinier than my usual gel varnish.  There’s a huge choice of colours costing £8 a bottle, which is cheaper than most other gels on the market.

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara £17.50

The name says it all a one-stop product to solve all your eyelash dilemmas.  Just a couple of coats of this mascara, gives thicker, fuller lashes without a hint of panda eye.  This amazing mascara didn’t budge through my sweaty gym session, 20 laps of the pool and a walk in the rain with the dog! Brilliant.

Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner £22

Yes it is expensive, but if you suffer from hair that rebels in humidity then this is a must.  One pump of the spray mists hair with a combination of marine algae and mineral extracts, which finely coat the hair leaving it soft and creating a barrier to prevent frizz!

Noble Isle Perry Pear Shampoo £18  & Conditioner £20

‘Oh wow whatever you’re using in the shower next to me, it smells divine’, was the comment, whilst I was showering at the gym last week.  Well to be precise it’s a mixture of jasmine, rose, geranium and ‘orchard fruits from the Gloucester Orchards’. It left my straw-like hair feeling incredibly soft, clean and smelling of a summer’s day.

Skeyndor Aquatherm Cleansing Thermal Micellar Water £22

Humidity can cause a breakout of pimples, due to dirt and grime getting stuck with sweat into our pores. It’s imperative to cleanse every day, especially in the evening.  This cleanser is suitable for all skin types, especially those who are too tired to remove their make-up after a long day at work or night out.  The naturally sourced French Thermal Water serves as a cleanser, toner and eye makeup remover. Simply soak a cleansing pad and wipe away all the tacky grime in one easy step.

Liz Earle Rose and Lavender Cleanse & Polish £15.50

Not only does this remove every last trace of dirt, but also when used with the pure muslin cloth provided it gently removes dead skin cells leaving the skin feel soft and revitalised.  The naturally active rose and lavender instantly calms the mind, and is ideal for all types of skin especially congested with toning rosemary and soothing chamomile.

Rituals Good Karma Collection prices from £8.50

This new limited collection from Rituals will want people nuzzling up to your armpits on the tube, not holding their breath.  The sweetness of White Lotus and revitalizing Bergamot, lingers softly on the skin, creating a gentle freshness.  The perfect prescription for ridding of anxiety, stress and leaving the mind with a sense of well-being.

Moa Green Bath Potion £27.50

This is the ‘Jedi’ to fight against hot, sweaty and sticky skin. Just a small amount (the bottle will last ages) poured into your bath, relieves aching muscles, hot flushes and grumpiness!  Just 10 minutes of deep breathing, allow the vapours of peppermint, fir needle and fennel to re-charge your batteries.  It also cleared my muggy headache, which had been lurking by my temple all day. No wonder it received the award for ‘Best Bath Product 2016’ from Tatler magazine!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Kids Golf….benefits of golf for kids, plus training exercises for golfers!

Whilst picking up my son Freddie from school a few weeks back, I overheard a mum talking about her son playing golf, and it prompted me to write this feature.  I hold my hands up and admit I’m totally ignorant when it comes to golf, I follow the stigma it’s a game for ‘retired bankers’, an ‘opportunity for a jolly on expenses’ and the one that makes most of my golfing buddies want to wallop me - ‘there’s a great element of luck involved’. 

Friday, 8 July 2016

'Dewcibox'…a subscription box with a difference….

I was approached a while back by the Dewcibox team, to see if I would be interested in reviewing their monthly gift box subscription.  Dewcibox is similar to other monthly subscription boxes, insofar as they supply treats to sample every month, the difference is rather than food or beauty boxes this one comprises of intimate products for singles and couples.

The company are not paying me for the review, and usually this is how I work as I then I can write exactly what I like! I also admit I wasn't sure this was a good idea to promote on my blog, purely as I don't want anyone from the porn industry contacting me (not at this point in time anyway!) However, I like to try my hand at anything (pun intended) and having written up about 'is semen good for your face', well how hard can this be (pun unintended)!

The box comprises of chocolates (eaten within a minute of opening), variety of intimate wipes (great for cleaning my work surface), massage oil, condoms, supplements for men, Mojito Mix and a Magic Bullet 10 Function Vibrator.

It's important to note that you don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy this box, although Im not sure who you would give the condoms too however, handy to keep in the house when I'm showing my teenage daughter how to have protected sex with a banana (note not actually with the banana!)

Now I don't want to make this personal nor talk about my sex life and this is why it's difficult to write up on such a box. However, I won't lie and say I'm not intrigued to see if the Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Men works, after all it does contain Siberian Ginseng known to enhance sexual desire.

I did however, test the Ayumi Sensual Body Oil with it's musk undertones and loved the fact it can be used in bath as well as the body.

The Magic Bullet 10 Function Finger was difficult to review, purely because what works for one doesn't always work for another, and no I'm not saying it doesn't work just that I'm not going to say if it works or not. I will however, say that the 'arousel gels' definitely gave a tingling and not just when I was tasting them (that is a joke btw).

Finally the Mojito Mix and chocolates were by far the best part for me, especially when I added some Gin!

Honestly, this box is fun and I'm a fan of subscription boxes. I can see that if you need a bit of oomph in your sex life, or want to surprise your boyfriend/husband and of course yourself then, this is a good concept. I won't go into how important a healthy sex life is, but with the stress most of us are under these days, it's well incredibly important.

I also love this idea of a few months subscription to give as a present to a bride/groom, birthday, hen party and a tongue in cheek present for someone who thinks there over the hill!

Check out their website at  for more info and pictures (as my stupid iPhone fell into water and is currently being mended!) Subscription Box costs £25 per month.