Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Once in a while a product comes along that deserves a special mention, and so I will usually give more wording and gush a bit more on the wonders of said product. I usually include no less than 5 items per feature, and only very rarely and usually if this is an advertorial (so paid for), will I give a product it's own blog feature.  For a year or so I was also writing a monthly feature for the press on 'Products of the Month' however, again this included about 5 products.

Well today I've decided to write up on just one Product of the Month, a little award that deserves a blog on it's own without any payment (although we will come to that later), as I've been so impressed.  Today that product is the Maskorea Mask.

Maskorea Masks are single use sheet masks that are soaked in various active ingredients depending on your skin condition and complaint.  Manufactured in South Korea, these masks are cruelty-free, do not contain mineral oils, parabens and other synthetic ingredients known to irritate skin. They do however, contain a great deal of Hyaluronic Acid (this holds 8 times its own weight in water) so a must for hydrating the skin.  Other ingredients include Hydrolyzed Collagen (helps bind water), skin replenishing Glycerin, skin softening Rice Extract, anti-inflammatory and skin calming SasaQuelpaertensis Extract to name but a few.

The reason why this product got my attention though is not because of the wonderful ingredients it contains but because of it's ease of use.  One packet contains a single use mask, drenched in the active ingredients, a separate facial wash and a night cream - so it's a complete facial in a packet.  An excellent choice to take a few on holiday or as I did to close your bathroom door and just have some pamper time.  The masks are available for ageing, dehydrated, hungover and dull skin types and cost just £4.99 (great Christmas stocking fillers for everyone)!
After washing my face with the facial wash provided, I applied the incredibly cooling mask to my face. It went on smoothly and didn't budge despite a 15 minute soak in the bath and a little jump around after to test (yes really).  After 30 minutes (minimum down time), I massaged in the residue and applied the night cream. My skin looked incredible and felt more hydrated and plumped up than it had in a long time.

So impressed that I contacted the PR and told her I was going to write about this first thing despite having the kids off on school hols and having 1001 other things to do!  Whilst, I don't get paid for my time on writing I am going to send a huge hint to her now and ask if any more samples could be posted my way - especially as I would like to give away a freebie with this post!!

You can buy the Maskorea Masks here


  1. I've tried these masks too. They are amazing. I bought like 4 this time around on their site. I think they are the best face sheet masks in the UK market at the moment.

  2. The result really look great with a clear and hydrated skin. I recently had a salicylic acid peel and it really helped to smooth, clear and hydrate my skin.