Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Summer Skin Saviours

For the first time in a couple of years I’ve had a week-long break from the kids. I thought I would miss them, but safe in the knowledge they don’t read the paper I haven’t, at all. I knew they were having a great time, evident from my daughters tailored off Whatsapp messages to me, and so I’ve made the most of having 168 hours to myself.  I discovered the art of time wasting, eating figs and indulging in midday wine, something as a taxi driver I never do and it’s done me the world of good. 

My skin on the other hand has suffered, countless hours of shoving my face into the sun every time it appeared behind a cloud has taken its toll.  Every time my inner voice critized the amount of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) I was wearing, my lack of Vitamin D from recent blood tests promptly shut that inner voice up.  The results speak for themselves, a nice leather effect usually reserved on the Palma to Stansted flight.

Luckily for me as a beauty writer I was invited to trial out the latest CACI Synergy Facial at Aroma in Shenfield, Essex.  Kerry, Senior Skincare Specialist, led the treatment and after a thorough consultation we both agreed that my skin was in desperate need of hydration.

The Best of British Beauty Brands

It seems a while back now that the frenzy of the EU Referendum had us all ruffling our feathers, so to speak. Regardless of what you or I voted, I have always supported our local shops and businesses, as it’s imperative to keep our trade growing. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some wonderful entrepreneurs who’ve taking a thought, and with dedication, passion and patience have produced some of the finest products, and most importantly manufactured from the UK.