Monday, 7 November 2016

The Best Beauty Advent Calendar this year

So I'm writing up my Xmas Gift Guide and the next product I pulled off the desk was this advent calendar from MAD BEAUTY.  Now everyone knows advent calendars are not to be given as a Christmas present but to buy for 1st December and this is why I wanted to share it now! I've looked at a few advents this year and by far this is my favourite as not is it so reasonably priced at £19.99, but it has products that I will actually use!

I don't want to give the surprises away, even if they state on the website what's included and so I've just shown a snippet of a few. The biggest surprise though is the quality of the products! I was going to save this for myself but I know my 13 year old daughter Phoebe will just love this! Expect Instagram shout-outs every day from her! 

The advent calendar is available at for £19.99

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