Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ten easy steps to remember when buying perfumes!

Bath is running, so I have 5 minutes to bash out a quick guide to buying perfumes either for yourself or as a gift. Perfumes and after-shaves sell more at this time of the year nearing Christmas than any other and its no wonder as there are some fantastic offers! However, before you buy just remember a few tips.

  1. Every perfume has a top, middle and base note. Whilst the top is most powerful, its the base note that makes the lasting impression, so always wait a while after testing to see how it lies on your skin, as this will be the scent you are left with.
  2. Never test more than 2–3 fragrances a day. You will get a headache, as your sense of smell becomes over-stimulated.
  3. Do not use those cardboard strips to test perfume, they do not give a true indication of what a fragrance will smell like. Only ever test on your skin as the warmth will affect the notes.
  4. As above, only apply fragrance to wear your body naturally heats up. I.e behind back of knees, elbows, wrists or a dab behind your ears. This will give a slower release and your scent will last longer.
  5. Layering different scents is not sexy. Stick to one scent only –  the only exception is single note fragrances which can be layered.
  6. For a cheap DIY fragrance set, buy unscented body lotion, oil and bubble bath and simply add a few drops of your favourite fragrance.
  7. Never buy a fragrance because it smells great on your friend. Chances are it will smell completely different on yourself.
  8. Always accept graciously any perfume samples given, they're fab for travel.
  9. I do sometimes take those cardboard strips and spray testers, but only to put in my underwear drawer, this is a great tip to keep your undies smelling gorgeous.
  10. Finally store perfume away from direct sunlight and try to keep in a cool dark cupboard. This will ensure your fragrance stays in its best condition.

So hope you liked. My bath is run now! I'm off for some pampering time….

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

To save or to splurge....

Just been asked on Twitter about foundations and to recommend one. One question I didn't ask (due to character space –  good thing amount I chat), was the lady in questions budget. So thought I would type up this quick note on my personal experience of what's best to save on and best to splurge on. I've covered just the very basic products, and as its Saturday afternoon and I'm just waiting for the washing to finish forgive any typos etc….


Always worth spending on what you can afford. Get the best match you can find. Cheap foundations often have cheap ingredients and whilst the majority of cheaper brands don't leave you with the old orange look like they used to, I find its always better to go for the best. Foundations are that, your foundation, you can't build on one that's not right!


Go as cheap as you like. I've used literally hundreds over years and some of the most expensive brands do absolutely zilch. I recently bought an American brand for couple dollars and its the best.


Personally I think the more expensive ones are better. They're softer, don't crumble and don't drag the delicate eye area. Cheaper ones can be hard and brittle. However, the exception is liquid eyeliner and glitter eyeliner's. Collection 2000 are one of the cheapest and I love their glitter eyeliners.


Jury is out on this one. Usually the expensive ones have more pigment, so in turn last longer and I'm a typical MAC/Chanel/Christian Dior devotee.  However, I also love some of the cheaper brands, such as Barry M and those fabulous sleek palettes from Superdrug.


Spend, spend and spend. How you apply makes all the difference. I sometimes visit art shops for fantastic brushes, otherwise I stick to MAC.


You don't need to spend out on blusher or bronzer. I have two favourites, Barry M and Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer, both on opposite end of scales as far as budget concerned.


Again you don't need to spend, once upon a time I spent, like many make up artist the lengthy process of blot, apply layer of powder over lipstick, blot again etc, but now with so many good long lasting formulas and a whole variety of glosses/shimmers/mattes etc you can go as cheap as you like. The same with lipliner, so long as it doesn't drag when you test it and glides then buy it.

So let me know what you think. The great thing about being Beauty Editor is whilst I work for a paper, I'm not held to any one cosmetic or skin care company, so I can give an honest opinion.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


When I come back from holidays I should carry a warning sign with ‘beware hazardous state, enter conversation at your own risk’. Holiday, packing and unpacking gives me an irritation that crawls up my skin, not unlike when I gave up smoking 20 years ago. Luckily for the children they stayed at their dad’s house when we got back home, in honesty the lot of them ran to their safety, leaving Molly vs wardrobe/wire hanger war to myself. Even our cat stayed a healthy distance away, looking at me with amusement but without mistake his claws out.  I run this task with absolute military precision and once finished and everything shoved in its place, I then get a wash of calm over me and finally a satisfaction I usually only get after a 5k run - euphoria. 

Now usually to get me back into the land of living, for whatever reason holidays, operations, stress – I like to treat myself to a massage or facial, and whilst pennies prevailed me from booking one (outlets – Florida), I conveniently managed to book in for a feature to write up about The Beauty Lounge for the ultimate in relaxation and massage. 

I’m extremely lucky that I get given some wonderful treatments, but people often ask me where I do go when I treat myself.  Well I go to The Beauty Lounge in Brentwood, like the after effects of waxing, it’s stuck on me and it’s all down to the owner Tory Kasparian.  Now I’m quite possessive over Tory after all I don’t want her to get too booked up (selfish), but as soon as I met here many years ago we instantly connected and had an amazing beauty bromance since.  Maybe it’s her wide smile, chatty persona and enthusiasm for her work that is totally contagious, or maybe because you can tell her your most innermost secrets (she won’t tell a soul), she is the epitome a of beauty therapist. Her salon is entered via Raymond Beauttone hairdresser, and at first glance it’s hard to imagine finding the luxury to escape amongst the lively chat and noise of the hairdryers.  Delve a little further, and you will find towards the back of the hairdressers, the aroma of scented candles leading you towards some stairs, which take you down into a secret haven cut off from the rest of the world. The clever use of colour, sultry purples, plush silvers and flickering candles create an atmosphere that entices your curiosity further until you reach the compact reception and nail bar.  At the end you’re welcomed into her boudoir, where enchanting music is playing and warm towels and fluffy blankets are waiting to cocoon you. 

The treatment she gave me was the Rolls Royce of relaxation.  It started off with me lying on my stomach whilst warm thermal stones were expertly glided into my skin melting away any anxieties and muscle tension.  Extracts of Lavender and Chamomile from the Decleor products alongside the strategically placed Eucalyptus tissues soon stopped any stressy thoughts rushing through my brain, allowing me to only concentrate on the experience.  The massage finished off with an application of cold refreshing gel and it was then that I was turned on to my back to start the second half of the treatment of a half hour anti-ageing facial.  This still included all the benefits from a full facial - cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, mask and moisturise.  It was the perfect treatment to get the best of both worlds.  It was difficult to gain any form of perspective as Tory’s hands firmly massaged and drained my sinuses.  Every pressurised stroke only confirmed her absolute passion for her work and it wasn’t long before I drifted into my usual dribbling slumber.  Afterwards it was all I could do but go home and put on my Primarni fluffy PJs and watch Peppa Pig with the kids.

To book an appointment with Tory at The Beauty Lounge contact.  A 10% discount is being offered on ‘The Face and Body Experience’ when you quote askmollybeauty.  If you have a beauty business you would like me to review, please contact me at or any beauty queries via Twitter @askmollybeauty.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

5 Minutes Spare

Dear All, I’m having a wonderful time in sunny Florida – a few mild panics along the way involving lemons – my morning ritual of lemons and hot water meant carrying a few in my suitcase, try explaining that to customs bringing citrus fruit into Sunshine State the land of growing fruit. Also had to deal with the usual queue induced tantrums, mainly from myself not the kids which led me thinking how I was going to cope with waiting an hour for 5 minutes being whizzed around on Harry Potter (actually that is worth the wait).  Anyway stresses aside, pleased to report we arrived safely and soundly and kids are having a fantastic time.  Shopping has been accomplished Molly style with the usual bubbling overboard at the sight of all the makeup in Walgreens – I think the shop assistant felt slightly amused and probably now wonders if the UK actually stock mascaras. Ralph Lauren ran out of stock after I left, and as I always say the epitome of a successful days shopping is the purchase of an extra suitcase - the rucksack the kids father bought to fill my purchases was met with an incredulous glare and “are you kidding me, that will fit maybe a tenth of what I’ve bought”, however, in all due to respect he was very patient and I didn’t push it, in fact I didn’t dare - he has to open the visa bill, although nearly everything was of course Christmas presents for long lost nieces, nephews and cousins…

Now having been to Florida before, I know that everything is full on, magnified, to the extremities and beyond as Buzz Lightyear would say.  Cars are simply 4x4 trucks, food portions – words fail me (not good for a writer) and washing machines are quite simply the best in the world. However, I have to say that after a few days of repeatedly going on Pirates of a Caribbean (Johnny Depp the waxwork hhmmm); I needed some time out – some space – 5 minutes peace. Now usually I would shut myself away on the toilet with my IPhone for company, but my bathroom door doesn’t have a lock on it and the kids keep running in and out.  So with strict instructions for Daddy to take Donut out (my 4yr son) and buy him his namesake in treats, I spent half an hour play time in the bathroom with my new lotions and potions from Walgreens.  My daughter kept quiet on the IPad with bribes of nail art designs if she left me alone.

Many of us rarely have time for ourselves, what with work and family life we’re often last priority. If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, try these little feel beauty tricks to pep you up.

·         Quick DIY facial. Apply a warm flannel to a cleansed face for a few seconds and then apply your mask. I use all different masks depending on how my skin is behaving. As a rule, a cream mask is best for dry skin and clay based best for oilier skins. Or whip up your own by simply applying mashed banana and honey, moisturising and antibacterial, just leave for 10 minutes then remove with tepid water. Skin will feel nourished and look brighter.

·         DIY eyebrow dye. So easy to do, dye is available from any large chemist i.e. Boots/Superdrug. Simply follow instructions, leave for a few minutes and remove, and then tweeze any strays. You can also buy DIY eyelash dyes and their easy to apply formula are great for even the most novice beauticians!

·         Gently exfoliate lips by running a wash cloth under warm tap and massaging into lips or use a soft bristle toothbrush, slather on the lip salve after to keep lips flaky free.

·         DIY hand and foot scrub. Make for soft hands by massaging in any base oil with large sugar or salt granules. If using for feet apply few drops peppermint oil to revive tired feet.

·         Apply a hair mask or treatment oil. There are so many available but I like Kerastase Elixir and Moroccan Oil.  I always massage in and leave for 5 minutes before I shampoo as an extra hydrating treatment, I then apply a few drops after I’ve shampooed.  Coconut oil is a good alternative to keep locks glossy and shiny.

·         Moisturise. Be it your hands, feet or whole body. I always keep a moisturiser handy in my bag, kitchen and car, slather on whilst waiting for kettle to boil or kids to come out of school.

·         Drink some water. When we’re rushed off our feet, it’s easy to grab a coffee to keep us going and whilst caffeine does have some benefits, to drink more water is by far the best beauty tip there is.

Of course, I’m only human and whilst I know my rights from wrongs I’m also a very honest Beauty Editor. I will admit that if I do have 5 minutes I have been known to squeeze a few ingrown hairs on my legs, write constant updates on Facebook/Twitter (friends will vouch for that), read a magazine on the toilet, lunge up and down the stairs (it’s a fitness bug) and my favourite, play at full blast Edge of Glory and dance Gaga style with my kids around the living room.

If you have any beauty queries or would like me to feature your business in the Gazette please contact me on Twitter @askmollybeauty or email me at

Desert Island Products

No problems I told Big Ed, I’ve got a 9 hour flight and I can just use my new netbook. What I didn’t count on was 101 hyperactive kids, guess as we were heading to Florida I should have expected it. Also should have expected my 4 yr old son  to have a full on fit as he wanted my netbook, hence why I am sitting next to my 9yr old daughter, I just wonder if it’s too early to administer the Phenergan (for myself of course …).
Well whilst Mickey may not float my boat like the average child (albeit Shrek does – we’re toe related), the one thing guaranteed to make me hyper is the welcoming lights of Duty Free.  As soon as we were through security they started calling my name and my pin number. Chanel, MAC, Bobbi Brown all welcomed me like long lost friends and I spent the next hour playing catch up. Children were deposited with their father on a nice comfy chair with a Starbucks, whilst I walked around gleefully oohing and aahing at all the limited editions one can only buy at the airport.  As usual I  headed to Crème de La Mer first and happily slap dashed their £200 serum on my face for the flight – (NB little tip, only ever use a pump, never use a cream from a pot unless you want everyone else’s germs on your face).  By the time I finished my face was proudly sporting the greasy shine only hundreds of pounds worth of products could do – gluttony at its worst. After all, just because I’m a Beauty Ed doesn’t mean I get sent these things for free!
Of course like all people I have my absolute essentials, my ‘Desert Island’ products and here are a few...
·         My top product is Vaseline – I carry this with me everywhere. For a more expensive version Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream is very good, but Vaseline is hard to beat. Try it for chapped lips, cuticle and nail conditioner, slather on feet at night whilst wearing cotton socks – softest tootsies next day, use on ends of hair to give definition or seal split ends, add a tiny amount to moisturiser for a dewy skin tone, polish your shoes, as an eyelash conditioner, moisturise rough elbows and knees, the list is endless.
·         Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 for face and body.  SPF is one ingredient that should be in all moisturisers. Always use a separate one for your face, as most of those that are contained in moisturiser are not suffice to give enough protection. This is why high end brands, often don't contain SPF in their moisturisers, they want you to get skin savvy and apply a separate SPF. 

·         My next favourite product is mascara. No other reason than I have short, sparse lashes that are just bleugh. I’ve tried and tested hundreds but always go back to Lancôme Defincils, although Max Factor 2000 is also a classic, good at lengthening and thickening.
·         Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat – this cult product earned its way on to most Beauty 
Editors lists as being the one must have. Why? It can simply knock years off, pat under the eyes, above eyebrows, on top of cupids bow and wait for the compliments to come rolling in.
·         Benefits Brow Zing. My eyelashes are very similar to my eyebrows – say no more, my fault a result of over-plucking when I was a teenager. Benefits Brow Zing is a waxy brow filler and looks so natural.
·         Boots Microdermabrasion Body Scrub and Superdrug’s Vitamin E Body Scrub. Both are equally good, grainy, no nonsense scrubs that do the job.  Apply to damp elbows, legs, knees, feet – a must have once a week for baby smooth skin and always use before applying fake tan. Again I have tried expensive versions but these both top my favourites.
Of course, if I was at any point stranded on a desert island then Pierce would be added to my list, as well as a Wilson Volleyball (Castaway), probably a penknife and of course my I Phone. Actually the I Phone is more essential than all of the above.  Right, the kids (and half the plane) are now happily watching Brave, I’m going to sit back, have a snooze and dream of Mickey, Premium Outlets, Magic Kingdom, Prime Outlets, Pluto, Ugg Outlet, Tinkerbell, Walgreens – hhhmm Walgreens the best bargain beauty store in the world……


As well as being addicted to beauty products, those who know me – and those who don’t, will know I’m also addicted to bling.  From birth my dad called me Magpie as I gravitated towards foil and my love of all things shiny, sparkly and glittery is still with me at the ripe old age of.  I took my love of rhinestones into Essex, years before TOWIE tried to steal my crown and added diamantes to everything I could think of. Flip-flops, bikinis, cards, tops, even my trainers were adorned with Swarovski crystals (must remember to patent). In fact, one would often know my gym routine as I would leave trails of crystals, from bike to gym mats (must patent strong glue) – even members of Legs, Bums andTums were distracted by their sheer brightness, blinding them from doing that extra sit up (excuses).  So it was only a matter of time before I took my love of bling to French Quarter, an Aladdin’s cave of gifts and accessories and introduced Tanya Lee’s stock.  Thriving, my legacy lived on as girls adorned the streets of Brentwood with their shining headbands and glittering phone cases. It doesn’t stop there, expect to be held at ransom should I spot you wearing something sparkly, only yesterday in Starbucks I stood gawping at a toddlers sequin boots.  The mother was glaring at me, whilst I stood in oblivion and wanderlust at these shiny boots and I shamelessly went into a strop when Google couldn’t find them. Next time I will just ask!

So it was a typical morning last week whilst ordering my de-caff skinny cappuccino at my gym, Virgin Active Clearview, when I saw Meghan one of the girls who worked in the salon. Actually I didn’t see Meghan, I saw her nails – and they had me transfixed. Dancing before me, were the twinkliest, glitteriest jewels I’ve ever seen.   A mirror of pink, Swarovski, micro particles adorned her nails catching the bar lights.  Mesmerised and mouth open I drooled, and once again I stood there gawping unable to move. Now I’ve seen glitter nails - I invented them, but these were of a different league, the ruby slipper of all nails and I didn’t care what it took I had to have them and this time I was asking.  So it was to my absolute ecstasy (yes, really),  when she told me the beauty salon had just got this colour in and best of all they were the new Jessica GELeration  polishes, so last at least 2 weeks. 

I immediately booked an appointment with the Virgin Active Tranquillity Spa to give my nails the Cinderella of all mani/pedis. On the day of my appointment I was led into the nail bar area of the salon. The soft aubergine tones, dimly set lights and wonderful aroma of essential oils from their Espa range, immediately transported me away from the bustling activity of the rest of the club.  My nails were first prepped by removal of nail varnish, file and an in-depth cuticle tidy up, which is essential for making the colour last. Then with precise application the colour was painted onto my nails, whilst between layers I had to insert my hand under a LED lamp to set the colour.  The colour dries instantly and once the final application of top coat is applied, it’s wiped with a solution to rid of any residue and nails are then good to go. The same procedure was then applied to my toes, whilst I was topped up with Costa drinks (thanks Lauren).  I was assured by Laura Cole, the Health and Beauty Manager, that GELeration does not damage the nails, in fact they prevent environmental damage to the nails to enable them to stay strong.  Removal takes minutes and can be done at the salon. The beauty of this procedure is the high shine quality and long wearing formula. I chose Aphrodisiac, but there are over 50 colours to choose from.

I’ve since worn flip flops in the rain, been stopped in Lakeside twice asking where I got them done and best of all I’ve got my title back as the Queen of Bling of Brentwood!

Clearview Virgin Active is offering a 20% discount on their GELeration nails valid until end of November. To book call 01277 815640 (choose option 4), quoting askmollybeauty. For an extra £10 they also offer full use of gym, pool and spa facilities.

If you would like a review of your beauty business or have a beauty query contact me via twitter @askmollybeauty or email

Creme de la Creme

Okay so for this article I’m setting myself up for a few laughs at my expense, and have nonetheless decided to tell you a few secrets about myself. There is a reason for this that will conclude the article, but for now bear with me.  So, here goes. I have Shrek toes, ugly hammertoes that flip flops run away from; I sing a mean version of Evita and Rule the World, so mean I get tears in my eyes (as does the cat); I have OCD with black sock fluff on cream carpets; I do an amazing Worzel Gummidge impression (especially after one glass rose); I play snog marry avoid, if I’m bored on the treadmill at the gym; my geography is so bad I thought I needed a passport for Scotland and just for fun I have stupid crushes that last about a day embarrassingly last one was the dad from TOWIE……..

Anyway back to the article, so whilst having a coronary on the treadmill last week, Big Ed called. He’d been to meet the owner of a renowned skin clinic that had just opened up in Brentwood.  Without him even having to mention the name, I knew he was talking about The Skin Clinic – an advanced medical skin clinic which offers all the latest high-tech facials and procedures on the market.  He wanted me to go and have a look around and write up my findings.  Straight away I thought oh dear.  I told him he obviously hadn’t read my previous article in which I mentioned something along lines of botox, mannequins and not me.  Great he said, write it from a controversial point of view.  Not great I thought, he doesn’t have a mother like mine, who would totally berate me for testing out botox - however, I really had no choice. So after explaining to my mum that its part of work and that I was a big girl and could make my own decisions, I ignored her facebook comment of ‘if it goes wrong, don’t come running to me’ and trotted off, Shrek style to the Skin Clinic.

My first impressions when I walked in, was this wasn’t a salon. Its most definitely a medical clinic yet managed to cleverly combine an aura of warmth with the seriousness. Lining the waiting room, only those in the trade would notice the range of skincare products usually found in Harley Street clinics.  Indeed it’s here that most of the staff have had their experience, but comforting to know that they have also worked in hospitals across the country and are all registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).  The clinic is run by Dr Johanna Ward who has enough credentials and letters after her name to give anyone reassurance that they are in the safest possible hands.

I was introduced to my nurse Haley Cooper who initially took me through an in-depth skin consultation explaining all the treatments and soothing any concerns I had about my skin.  They treat a huge variety of skin conditions, and not all treatments are invasive. In fact I chose to have the new top Hollywood A list Hydrafacial, which is used by the likes of Paris Hilton and Kate Winslet.  This process involves 20 minutes of deep thorough cleansing, chemical exfoliation and a final saturation of top antioxidants and vitamins, whilst finishing with a thick layer of Sun Protection Factor (SPF).  The art of this facial process lies in the use of a suction tool, which ensures every bit of trapped grime, dead skin cells and blackheads are removed painlessly. Afterwards I was shown a container full of grime, grit and floating blackheads (nice!!!)  My skin had never felt so smooth and looked so luminous it positively glowed.

Which brings me back the start of my article – you see my skin looks so incredible that I’ve had quite a few people (especially school mums) ask me if I had some sneaky Botox, and guess what I’m not telling. This is one secret I am taking with me. The Skin Clinic philosophy is less is more. There is no frozen look, just radiant skin that moves.  People have asked me if I’ve lost weight, changed hair colour but I still won’t let on, in fact my secret is safe with me!

If you would like a skin consultation, The Skin Clinic offer a wide variety of non-surgical treatments for both men and women.  Their website is definitely worth viewing before booking as it gives detailed explanations of all treatments, products, prices and will reassure the most nervous of patients. Services are offered by the best possible qualified medical staff available - why else would they have people fly from all over the world to visit them?  As a local Beauty Editor I’m just pleased they’ve chosen my home town to open their second branch, and I will certainly be booking another visit!

As I had several queries from readers, I put these forward to Dr Ward to answer, in a non-r2d2 way, thus making it easier to understand the science and benefits behind the treatments.

If someone came in and asked for Botox, but in your opinion they didn’t need it, how would you steer them otherwise?

If their primary concern was anti-ageing I’d recommend mesotherapy treatments. This involves micro-injections of a scientific customised blend of collagen, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hyalornic acid. This will rejuvenate and hydrate the skin whilst mesotherapy produces collagen and packs the skin with vital nutrients. The result is a healthy, radiant glow.

Do you need medical training or just a certificate to administer injections?

You must be General Medical Council (GMC) registered Doctor or Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) registered Nurse fully trained in aesthetic procedures.  Unfortunately due to poor regulation there are many loopholes in the system, which means you do get unqualified practitioners administering invasive treatments.  Botox is a prescription medicine and must be injected careful by medical professionals who have a good understanding of facial anatomy. At The Skin Clinic we are all advanced facial injectors with years of experience and medical training.

What are the long term effects of Botox in the skin

There have been numerous studies on long term effects and Botox is FDA approved and licensed in the UK for medical use. It is not known to have any long term adverse effects. 

How long does semi-permanent make up last and does it hurt?

Semi-permanent makeup lasts around 12-18 months after which an occasional top up maintenance routine may be required.  Numbing creams are used prior to the treatment thus ensuring minimum discomfort.

What are the requirements for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and are there any long term side effects?

IPL is a safe way of reducing hair permanently.  The treatment works best when the hair is darker in colour as it’s the pigment in the hair that absorbs the energy.  There are no long term effects to the skin however, light treatments should only ever be practiced by very highly trained medical professionals.


You have clients fly from all over the world to visit your clinics. Why choose Brentwood?

We have a highly successful clinic in Sevenoaks, Kent and saw a gap in the market as Brentwood was lacking a boutique style Dermatology clinic that was run by medical professionals.  Brentwood is similar to Sevenoaks in many ways and is easily accessible, so we felt it was an ideal place to locate our clinic.  I also have family in Brentwood so I know the area well.

What can you offer that’s different to other clinics?

Our philosophy starts with trust – trust in safety, trust that we want our clients to feel and look their best, but that we will also say no and steer you in alternative directions if we feel you would not benefit from our treatments.  We also believe that less is more.  We want you to feel more confident and secure about yourself. We are not here to change an appearance, but to enhance your features, in a way where you look healthy but your skin radiates a glow and more importantly moves! We take time to get to know our clients, listen to them and offer not only practical solutions but also take on the role of counsellors. We understand our clients fears, and reassure them that when they leave, they will want to return, and that is why we have such a high profile following.

If you had to choose one product and one treatment which would it be?

My favourite product is Image Vital C – a hydrating and anti-ageing serum. It’s a great all-rounder and offers high levels of anti-oxidants that protect the skins elasticity in the long term.

As for treatment, it’s the Dermal Fillers. They are safe, well tolerated and can take years off a persons appearance. We can enhance, add volume and redefine the face. Lines are diminished and the face takes on a soft youthful appearance.  Done well and once again with our philosophy of less is more, fillers can look fantastic.

It remains for me to say a thank you to Dr Johanna Ward and Haley Cooper for their time.  I have been asked several times in the school playground “did you have Botox?”, which only confirms to me how amazing their treatments are (although I still won’t tell!)  If you would like to see a list of their full treatments, please visit their website on or call 01277 214827 quoting askmollybeauty.  The Skin Clinic are also offering 15% off all treatments until the end of November with this article.

If you would like me to review your salon or if you have any beauty queries, please follow me on Twitter @askmollybeauty or e-mail me