Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Autumn/Winter 2013 Makeup


For Autumn/Winter 2013 models strutted the catwalk with smokey eyes, pale skin and nude lips.  Before you yawn and think same old, think again as this this year make up has taken on an edge of ‘punk glamour’. Eyes were heavily adorned with shimmering two toned blacks, chunky glitter was applied on the inner corners of the eyes, lips were vinyl, patent almost mirrored and skin was flawless and matte – go for ‘pretty punk’ rather than gothic.


To give you the lowdown I fired a few questions to top film & TV makeup artist Louise Young ( about this seasons look.


Q. Which one item would you update in your makeup bag to fit in with A/W 13?  I think the one trend that went across the board was strong brows so an eyebrow brush (my LY37 is excellent!) and a brow powder or eyeshadow brushed through an arch will give you the power brow look.

Q. Which colour dominates A/W 13? For me I like the rose hues that were featured in many collections including Armani and Jonathan Saunders.  The clothes were sometimes teamed with darker eyes but the pale, rose-blushed skin featured heavily in these collections.

Q. Should we be matte or dewy? I think for winter a matte flawless complexion looks great.

Q. What are the trends for nail colour?
A definite punk influence came across in Versace, Moschino and Chanel shows which would suit charcoal or a deep red nail colour.  However, if you are going along the soft pinks and florals route which were also seen then nudes would be good.

Q. Lipstick, Lipstain or Lipgloss? Marc Jacobs featured a super glossy 80s red lip but mostly the trend was for lipstick?

Q. Eyebrows trend? Full on!

Q. Pale, tanned or anything goes? Pale definitely.


I was also lucky enough to receive a ‘Nail Punk Makeover’ with Victoria from Beauty Defined (07794 263 448/ and member of online beauty directory Essex Beauty Group). Victoria has introduced into her already extensive nail collection, the current trend of punk nails by using exquisite studs encased into long-lasting Shellac manicures. My nails were painted a steely grey then adorned with amazing skulls and studs from The Make Up Store £11.50 


Achieve dark, mysterious and alluring eyes with The Make Up Stores Eyedust £11 in Extreme and Vampyre, both charcoal colours but with a shimmering hue - Extreme is given a blue metallic edge whilst the latter has a purple has a dusting of iridescent silver. SugarPill’s ( Cold Chemistry collection has introduced deeply pigmented pressed eyeshadows £8.50 and Elemental Chaos is a must have punk shade of violet which makes a change from black.  Eyes will need to be primed first and Clinique’s All About Shadow Primer For Eyes (available nationwide counters) £20 intensifies colour, reduces creasing and extends eyeshadow, it also comes in 4 shades so you can wear alone for a natural look. Cliniques  All About Shadow Duos £16 come in every shade and texture to create long lasting colour which stays put all day and also has added ingredients such as Vitamin E to provide gentle nourishment to the eye area.  


Clarins Crayon Kohl (available nationwide counters) £17 is a timesaving masterpiece as the double ended applicator can be used to lightly define eyes during the day, but come evening can be smudged all over with the brush for a more dramatic look. My favourite shade is Smokey Plum a metallic, dark purple which gives a multi-faceted, dazzling smokey eye without the harshness of black. Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense £14 Intense Peridot is a stunning olive, gold liner again with a smudge applicator to achieve a multitude of looks, this gorgeous colour gives a cheeky glint to the eyes as the gentle metallic edge catches the light.


Barry M’s Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette (available Superdrug) £6.49 contains 6 neutral, wearable shades suitable for everyone - use the darker bronzes to outline or fill in the whole lid to transform from day to night.  Velvety, soft looking skin can be achieved with their Flawless Matte Finish Foundation, oil free yet hydrating £5.99 and finally finish the look off with the new Matte Nail Paint £3.99 in No 15 a gorgeous, nude, buff shade which doesn’t show any chips!


Lips were given a super glossy makeover and you won’t get shinier than Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Mango £16.  Apply alone or over lipstick, this will get you noticed and the sheer shade can be worn by anyone. I’ve fallen in love (once again) with Clarins Long Wearing Moisturizing Lipstick £18 the rich colours compliment the rusty tones of autumn with Spicy Cinnamon and Royal Plum, and due to the addition of mango butter lips are treated with intense conditioning


Clarins new Graphic Expression Face & Blush Powder £30 is a gorgeous mirrored compact with different hues of nude shades, use to contour, shape and lift by applying the brush in the colour you wish to apply or simply swirl the brush and let it catch the bright shimmering gold ribbon, to highlight and give your skin radiance.


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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pampering Treats featuring Bodhi/Erb/Moroccan Spa Treatments/Elemis/OraNaturals and more

There are times when I’m writing or on the radio when I often worry I’m going to run out of things to talk about, those that know me personally would laugh at my concerns or shake their heads in bemusement as  I’m known to talk for England.  For example, I recently experienced a TV audition and had to chat for 15 minutes in front of the camera and was concerned I may freeze up. However, I needn’t have worried at one point I even told the producer to ‘tell me to shut up if I rambled on for too long’- I did ramble and a ‘keep your details on file’ letter swiftly followed! My beauty slot on Phoenix FM is another prime example,often Michelle Ward the presenter has to count me down when she hears me going off on a tandem and I’ve only 30 seconds left.  Yet the great thing about writing in the beauty industry is that there are always things to talk about, new products, favourite products, wacky treatments, it’s an industry that just keeps on growing especially in Essex – the county of glam. Anyway enough rambling here’s the best of products I’ve been testing this week.


On the rare occasion the kids go to bed on time I love nothing more than a spa night, I’ll put on my Pure New Moods CD, light a candle and start my pampering session.  Lately I’ve been coveting candles from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell £18.55 their dreamy aromas fill the house out with an aromatic spa scent and set the ambience perfectly.  Whilst the bath is running I’ve been massaging Heaven SOS Oil £46 into my hair to nourish split ends and using the steam to aid penetration into the hair follicles for deep conditioning. This multi-purpose oil known as the ‘skin saviour’ also works to combat blackheads, eczema and rough skin – I love Heaven products and so does Gwyneth Paltrow!


Tranquil Touch by Elemis £19 is a relaxing bath elixir which creates a perfect sanctuary for you to unwind in.  Poured under warm running water the essential oils of Patchouli, Cedarwood and Vetivert will transport you into your own personal Hammam, whilst added Cocoa Butter will leave skin feeling soft and nourished.


I’ve recently discovered Bodhi a spa brand which uses key essential oils and healing ingredients to relieve stress, aches and pains. Their Ginger Brew Oil £35 sinks into the skin and relieves joint inflammation with warming and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Galangal known to be anti-bacterial, antiseptic and stimulating; healing Plai oil which gives relief to joint conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism; Grapeseed Oil to encourages the production of elasticity in the skin and St Johns Wort which is excellent for reducing nerve pain.  Their Ylang Ylang Sensual Bath & Shower Gel £23 contains active ingredients to hydrate the skin and promote collagen renewal but more importantly smells utterly divine and will drift you away to the far eastern shores of Thailand.


Ora Naturals Bath Oil with Argan Oil Revive £24.90  www.oranaturals is the perfect antidote for anyone suffering from tiredness, depression or who need a little zest! With essential oils of Grapefruit to uplift, Red Mandarin to promote ‘happiness’ and Lemongrass to give a new lease of life, this wonderful oil also has the added benefits of Argan Oil, rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to feed and repair the skin.


I Coloniali Softening Bath Oil with Karite Extract £22.50 has taken the seeds from the African Butter Tree (Youth Tree) and introduced it into their bath oil to really enrich the skin and leave it as soft as velvet, incredibly relaxing this is best just before bed to aid restful sleep. To complete your spa ritual follow with a massage using I Coloniali Myrrh Deep Tissue Massage Oil £29.50, skin is left delicately scented and purified from the resin of the Arabic Myrrh tree.


Suffering from ‘crocodile’ legs or bumpy arms?  Then they need a thorough but gentle exfoliation,  Erb £37 is a gel scrub and contains Tamarind to exfoliate, its consistency won’t upset sensitive skin but is still thorough enough to leave skin satin soft. It smells incredibly exotic and will take you on a sensory journey to the Far East with stimulating Ginger and skin glowing Turmeric with Vitamin C.


For a complete spa experience try Moroccan Spa Home Treatment £49.95  Beautifully presented in a hessian bag this kit contains 100% pure Argan Oil, Rhassoul Clay, Rosewater, a natural Rammie mitt, wooden scoop and a huge list of the benefits. Sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco this is all you need for top to toe conditioning – the Rose Water can be used alone to tone skin or mixed with the clay to unclog pores, remove excess oil and toxins and rehydrate the skin and is suitable for all skin and hair types. The mitt when used to massage cleanses the lymphatic system, strengthens the immune system and combats cellulite, whilst the pure Argan Oil gives nutrition to the hair, skin and body.


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Giving your hair some TLC

If you were to look in my bathroom you'd probably be astonished by the amount of products I have –  actually I'll rephrase that –  you'd probably be astounded by the huge quantity of hair products I have, most of them half used and most of them past their sell-by-date!
You see I have an obsession with dyeing my hair and lets just say 27 years of bleach/dark/bleach/red/bleach/caramel has taken it's toll.  Money has been spent on every re-hydrating product to enable me to carry on with this erm addiction but unfortunately not only is my hair extremely 'ruined' it's also very fine –  great! How I wish I had never picked up my first Shaders and Toners and how I wish my daughter will never dye her thick mane!  
Anyway it's whilst I was browsing the supermarkets last week (I'm not a hair snob, I'll use anything that promises fuller, thicker hair) that John Frieda's Full-Repair Shampoo/Conditioner and Oil ended up in my trolley, as not only did it promise to hydrate my dry locks but it would do so without weighing them down –  in short they were promising a miracle and their miracle ingredient was Inca Inchi Oil which is rich in Omega 3.
So today I've put them to the test, firstly I love the smell of shampoo, I want shampoo to smell like shampoo, I want (sorry want is such a 'greedy word), but I do want a shampoo that when I flick my hair people breathe in with an 'hhhmmm' and on first impressions this did just that. As usual I squirted out far too much conditioner, you only need a small amount as this one is incredibly rich and finally after washing I put a couple of pumps of the Repairing Oil Elixir through my long hair.
After I blasted my hair I was extremely impressed that I didn't look like Worzel Gummidge, the strands were soft, shiny, the caramel and blonde hues in my hair looked bright and best of all had some oomph. I was disappointed that the fragrance wasn't strong enough to last all day, but giving my phobia against wasps that's probably a good thing. 
If you want to view the range check HERE as they have a range suitable for absolutely every hair type –  best of all you can pick up some amazing tips on their You Tube page
I am not paid to advertise these products, as a blogger I have to give an honest opinion or no-one will trust me –  writing for a county paper and regularly appearing on the radio, people know me far too well for me to hide from them!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Eyes - windows to our Souls featuring Dermalogica/Bareminerals/Heaven/Kangol

Eyes are most definitely the windows to my soul, all it takes is a flutter of baby blues and they’re up there rating highly amongst the windows of Zara and Top Shop. So attractive do I find twinkly peeps, one glance in my direction could hypnotise me away from a shopping spree, just imagine the effect of Paul Hollywood my bank manager would be thrilled.


Eyes are also one of the first giveaways when age creeps in or tiredness takes over and as there are so many different eye-creams on the market choice can be overwhelming. However, if you’re going to invest money in an anti-aging skincare product, aside from serums, then these are the ones to do so. Our skin is at its thinnest around the eye area and hence ages quickly so it’s worth spending out that extra dosh on a good cream specifically targeted for eyes.


If dark shadows and puffy eyes are your main concerns then there are a few things you can do to help alleviate this such as placing cold cucumber slices on the eyes to reduce water retention; Green tea bags contain tannin which reduces inflammation; sleeping slightly upright drains away fluid; staying well hydrated; cutting back on salt and most importantly getting enough sleep. Eye products should be applied with utmost care by lightly tapping the product on with your ring finger – never drag the skin over this delicate area.


Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF15 £37 contains spiraea and bisabolol plant extracts which reduce inflammation, contain optical light particles to minimize dark circles and are packed with alpha hydroxyl acids to smooth without causing any irritation.  Their Age Smart Range includes the Multivitamin Power Firm £36 which has a unique silicone jelly to deliver directly a potent concentrated dose of vitamins to repair the skin, as well as a seaweed firming gel to reduce the appearance of lines.  If you suffer from red, itchy eyes and need a lightweight serum to alleviate allergies then the Ultra Smoothing Eye Serum £36 is incredibly calming and perfect for sensitive eyes - all available from 


Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream £28 (stockists 0870 034 2566) hydrates immediately and has been clinically proven to improve the skins barrier strength by 72% in 12 weeks! This multi-functional cream also visibly repairs crows feet, crepey lids and fine lines with a cocktail of potent  ingredients such as purified whey protein, black team ferment and chlorella vulgaris, ingredients which may sound  like a biology lesson but are scientifically proven to prevent fine lines and stimulate the production of collagen.  


I was impressed with Clarins Eye Contour Balm £29 and Skin Smoothing Eye Mask £30.50 (available nationwide counters). The Eye Contour Balm contains 5.7% plant extracts including cereal grain and shea butter to nourish, enrich and repair without leaving skin feeling heavy, rosewater to freshen and light reflecting particles to give the illusion of youthfulness.  The mask is a wonderful addition to any skincare regime as formulated specifically for the eye area unlike most facial masks which are too heavy. Containing ingredients such as wild rose to reduce puffiness, apricot to hydrate this nourishing mask works in as little as 5 minutes.


A separate Eye Makeup Remover is a must for fragile skin and Heaven Eyebright £28 ( is an organic range loved by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow. It can be used as an all-over cleanser but also makes eyes sparkle with the addition of the herb Eyebright, suitable for all skin types especially mature.   Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Make up Remover £19 gently removes the most stubborn of waterproof mascaras with a ‘Bi-Phase’ of oil and water.  Containing white peony to hydrate, white tea to cool, soothe, refresh and Vitamin B5 to condition lashes this non-greasy remover is suitable for contact lens wearers and allergy sufferers.


My biggest anti-ageing disguise is of course sunglasses, I’m known to even wear them on rainy days to disguise a few heavy nights but more realistically Buzz Light-year waking me up at 2am most mornings. Kangol ( have a huge selection ranging from just £30 in shades and styles to suit everyone.  My favourite pair is the Classic Geek Chic Black Sunnies which fit in with my inner Diva personality – move over Mrs Beckham!


For an instant dark circle eraser The Make-Up Store Reflex Cover in Medium £21 is a must have concealer and is water resistant so perfect for holidays.  It also acts a treatment with enriching Vitamin E and anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera.  Their Sparkling Beach Eyeliner £8.50 is a stunning, shimmering, icy turquoise which makes the white of eyes zing – all available from


Finally launched only this month is the fantastic new BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara £16, a 10 in 1 volumizing mascara.  This ingenious product lengthens, thickens, lifts, separates, volumizes, is long-lasting, smudge-free, clump-free, flake-free and packed with minerals phew! With an ergonomically styled brush to ensure every lash is coated it’s my wonderbra for the eyes! Hello Boys!  


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Friday, 9 August 2013

All you need for your Summer Holidays! Beauty & Bling

There’s a place I know where we should go hidi-hidi-ho gonna take you there.....yes it’s that time of the year when Boney M is blaring from my playlist, my Earl Grey tea has been replaced by Pimms and my little angels have gone on holiday for a week with their dad.   Whilst at times I’ve pined for them I also have felt a sense of freedom, in fact it was only last night whilst in bed I had the sudden urge to go to Tesco’s 24 hour store – just because I could.  It’s not dissimilar to the feeling of rebelliousness in my teenage years when my parents used to leave me in the capable hands of my sister, when we used to hold parties the moment their backs were turned, parties so wild police were called, empties were unceremoniously dumped in the woods and rugs covered cigarette burns - I do believe in Karma which is why I’ll never leave my kids and go away. Anyway with only a few more days until they return I’m off to my back garden to catch some rays, in the meantime if you’re lucky enough to be going away here are some products to take you from the beach to the bar!


Mavala have provided all the colours you need for summer toes with their gorgeous Pacific Dreams Collection £4.50 (stockist 01732 459 412). Dazzle your tootsies in stunning corals, ethereal sea blues and petal pinks, it’s hard to choose just one colour so make the most of the tiny bottles and pack a few!


Show off your pedicure in breath-taking flip flops by Sweeties4Feeties. Heavily adorned with crystals, feathers, pearls and bows simply email your size and requirements and they’ll be hand- made and delivered straight to your door – you can even get matching headbands and sunglasses.   Prices start from just £7 for sunglasses and £8 for flip flops - to view samples check out the Facebook page Sweeties4Feeties or contact Helen 


For those who love glamour there’s only one place to visit  I love the Dubai inspired black bikini £45 adorned with sparkling pink and silver crystals, whilst for a total wow factor the Disco Bikini Top £80 is an clubbing must have – worn alone if you dare, or under a black vest this jewelled incrusted top is guaranteed to turn heads. Also available are personalised crystal Havianas from £35 available in all sizes and colours.


There’s no point showing off a stunning bikini if you’re sporting a shade of lobster, aside from damaging your skin it looks rather unattractive. To protect your skin slather Hawaiian Tropics new range of Silk Hydration products from just £11.99 (available major retailers nationwide).  With ribbons of natural silk proteins and glycerine the lotion gives 12 hour moisturisation to keep skin soft and hydrated.  The After Sun is infused with cooling Aloe Gel to help soothe burnt skin and contains nourishing Mango and Shea Butter to give continuous moisturising action eliminating any dryness, all the products smell utterly divine leaving your body smelling good enough to eat!


All skin-types will benefit from using Heaven’s After Soother £9.20 This organic face cream not only nourishes dehydrated skin but also works wonders on ingrown hairs, acne and eczema – it’s a multi-purpose product and completely organic.


Love al-fresco dining but spend most of the time squatting midges? Delphi’s After Sun contains added Insect Repellent from £4.79 (available independent retailers), again with cooling Aloe Gel to reduce any inflammation and with added Vitamin E this will keep your skin looking its best.


Waterproof makeup is a must in this hot weather, so prevent your mascara from sliding down your face with a coat of Locked and Coated from BareMinerals £12.00 (available Debenhams). One swipe over your favourite mascara instantly transforms it to waterproof by wrapping an invisible coating around each lash!  Lord and Berry have created a collection of smudge-proof eyeliners £7.50 which are highly pigmented so can be used to create a heavy kohl look or lightly for daytime. The on-trend colours last beyond 24hours and are perfect for those who like to exercise, swim or simply don’t have the time to re-apply makeup - available from


Can’t sleep due to the humidity? Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist £25 100ml is a fine, mist spray which instantly refreshes you throughout the day and night.  Whether you’re travelling, sunbathing, need a quick pick-me-up or wanting some restful sleep then one spritz of this sea water with added Sepitonic and Grapefruit extract revitalises and tones skin cells.  


The sun, salt water and styling tools can take their toll on hair leaving it fragile and brittle, leading hair brand Paul Mitchell has compiled a limited edition three part system to protect, hydrate and soften all hair types. The Sun Recovery Shampoo £12.25 is sulfate free, locks in hair colour and contains UV protection whilst the After Sun Replenishing Mask £14.25 gives instant hydration to sun damaged locks. Lastly pop inside your pool-side bag the Sun Shield Conditioning Spray £13.25, again with added UV protection this is excellent for maintaining vibrancy to colour-treated hair and leaves it glistening– to view the entire collection visit


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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Radio Beauty Chat 30th July featuring Bijoux, Pearly Ltd, Sweeties4Feeties, Kennadys Hair, Lord & Berry & More!


Every year billions of pounds are spent on products as we try to prevent the years from showing. However, with so many anti-ageing products on the market it can be incredibly confusing where we should spend our money and most importantly whether they work! In the many years of being in the beauty industry I’ve learnt that whilst you can prevent long-term damage, once done there’s little you can do apart from invasive procedures such as Botox to eliminate the signs, or so I thought.  I was lucky enough to be sent to two salons who promised to give me back some youth without resorting to needles or sunglasses!


A smile is one of the first things people notice, and if you’ve neglected your teeth a paler shade of yellow will pile on the years.  Many people have cottoned on to this which is why tooth whitening is a booming business and has become so widely available in recent years. However, if like me you’ve shielded away due to sensitive teeth let alone the price then you haven’t discovered Pearlys (!


Now a long established chain of whitening clinics and the brainchild of Liz Ridley, Pearlys Ltd brings clients an affordable range of safe treatments which can be used in-house or as a home maintenance programme.  Its celebrity clientele include JLS, Alexandra Burke and Pixie Lott and more recently TOWIE star Mario Falcone, whom so impressed was he with the results which transformed his yellow ‘gnashers’ into a sparkling white that he’s set up his own franchise in Brentwood.  I went along to see if they could persuade me to give their Express Treatment a try.


I was greeted by Liz and after explaining how the procedure works by using gentle Sodium Perborate and not Hydrogen Peroxide, she left me in the reassuring hands of Training Manager Joey Lazaroo. After filling out a client questionnaire I was matched to my tooth shade, then after brushing my teeth in Pearlys Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder I was seated for 20 minutes whilst biting into a gel infused mould in front of a UV light.  I have to admit a few beads of sweat gathered not from the humidity but the anticipation of tooth pain however, after a couple of minutes I realised the only painful thing was I couldn’t talk! When I’d finished I was delighted to find my shade had lifted to 1M1 the lightest natural colour there is and most importantly the results were a natural shade of white, polished (pun intended) but not too blinding aka Simon Cowell!


I was advised not to eat or drink any foods which may stain for the next 24 hours as whitening temporarily makes enamel more porous, and whilst rehydration improves quickly I wanted to make the most of the results. I was also given a fantastic home maintenance kit which included a host of brightening products such as a whitening pen which can be used the night before a special event. This amazing treatment cost £89 and the results are worth every penny spent.


My next stop was Kennady’s Hairdressers which is situated in the heart of Ingatestone High Street. Reputation by word of mouth is everything and when customers travel from all over Essex to get there, you know you’re in for five star treatment. I went along to see what they could offer me which was different from other salons – after all every stylist cuts, colours, offers highlights etc but there had to be a reason why Kennady’s has won the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Eastern Region Awards several times.


Small details in a salon count and after clocking the luxury Shu Umera products, immaculate clean workstations and the best toilets I’ve ever seen (noted the organic products) I knew I was in for a treat.  Oli Wells the friendliest of receptionists introduced me to Ken Eastwood, the owner who would be cutting my hair, but firstly I was led away by Lizzy Ellwood, award winning Colour Specialist for my ultimate ‘Anti-Ageing Colour Consultation’.  In a separate room I was swathed in various colours of silk to see which lifted my complexion and determine whether I was a warm or cool tone. Lizzy could tell immediately I was warm but showed me how certain colours lit my face from within whilst others drained my face - she even had a drawer of warm and cool makeup which enabled me to see which lipstick and blusher made my skin tone alive.


Whilst Lizzy offers every colouring technique she recommended Balayage (£45) which means painting on freehand, unlike uniformed foils and highlights this is a very personal service to achieve colour where movement natural falls.  L’Oreal Inoa the latest ammonia free colour was used to ensure my hair was treated with ‘utmost respect’ and after dyeing my hair a warm, multi-tonal shade of brown, various strands were lifted with hues of caramel - the effect was simply stunning as flashes of gold shimmered throughout.  


My hair was cut into a flattering shape using Kennady’s 40-20-40 approach 40% foundation cut, 20% blow dry and 40% after-cut to personalise the style thus ensuring maximum benefit to suit my face shape. I was then given a ‘Style School Tuition’ a unique consultation from Ken which offers customers tips and tricks on how to style their hair to achieve a salon finish. This was something I was eager to learn as my blow-drying skills consisted of throwing my head upside down, blasting with a dryer and hoping for the best. This personalised hour service costs only £20 redeemable against products, customers are asked to bring in their own tools and products and taught how to use correctly and if they’re suitable for their hair type. It was an invaluable lesson as I learnt how to dry my hair holding just the nozzle of the hairdryer eliminating arm-ache, how to prevent a ‘fringe kink’ and most importantly a technique to straighten my hair without using heat damaging irons and a hairbrush!


Finally celebrity make-up artist Karleigh Marsh offered some anti-aging tips:-

·         Always use translucent powder rather than compact to keep skin looking fresh not heavy.

·         Mix your eye cream with concealer to avoid a cakey appearance.

·         Apply eye-make upwards to lift drooping eyes.

·         Steer clear of matte foundations and try BB or CC creams for a dewy finish.

·         Apply lip pencil after your lipstick to avoid a heavily lined lip.

·         Give liquid eyeliner a large berth and stick to soft smokey kohl.

·         Cream blushers are the most flattering for mature skin types.


For bookings call Kennady’s on 01277 353790 or visit (for your free Anti-Ageing Colour Consultation quote Askmollybeauty). For bookings with Bridal Makeup Artist Karleigh Marsh Tel: 07858 399 904. Thank you to Pearlys, Kennedys and Karleigh – I’ve been told I look incredibly well and best of all was asked if I was in my 30’s!


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