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Every year I fill my rooms with clouds of spicy and sweet smelling aromas. From cinnamon, ginger, clove to sweet mandarin, nutmeg and almond, walking into my house is like taking a sensory trip into The Gingerbread House.

An essence can create an atmosphere, mood and ambiance so it's worth remembering the roles some of some of the main essential oils, and which room to use them in. Remember you can mix and match by choosing single fragrance candles to get a unique aroma for your room.


Here you want to create an uplifting aroma but with warmth as it's the hub of the house. Look for candles and room sprays with citrus fruits, clove, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg essence.  The citrus such as lemon will help keep the mood upbeat, whilst the warming scents create a welcoming effect for guests. Choose spicy and food based aromas over floral as any strong floral mixed in with cooking smells will be too overwhelming.


Warming and relaxing fragrances are the best for the lounge as it's here you'll want to chill for the evening. Choose amber, sandalwood, patchouli, sweet clementine alongside vanilla to create a slightly woody affect mimicking a log fire. Or to keep a party upbeat go for sparkling fruits and floral such as blackcurrant, apple and peony.


The study is where you want to keep your brain working and so choose scents that are revitalising and energetic. Peppermint, fennel and lemongrass will all help relieve stress yet stimulate your senses helping keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed.


Sensual and relaxing fragrances are best suited to the bedroom. Choose jasmine, ylang-ylang and lavender to help you unwind.  If you have a headache or stress try peppermint but be cautious as sometimes the more clarifying an oil it may have the opposite effect and keep you awake.


The bathroom anything goes - this all depends on your mood and if you are going out (then choose invigorating menthol) or getting ready for bed (so go for relaxing)!

Some important tips when using candles:-
  • Use smaller candles for small areas and vice-versa. Alternatively if you have an open plan house it's worth splashing out on one good quality 3 wick candle as the scent will travel.
  • Never use candles to mask unpleasant odours, it doesn't work and can 'confuse the nose' making the smell more prominent.
  • Always leave a candle on a heat-resistant mat or setting and never under a shelf or near a draft.
  • Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  • Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch to prevent dripping.
  • Keep pets away from candles! 
I've been sent some candles to test and here are a few of my favourites:-

Rituals The Ritual of Light Sweet Orange & Cinnamon Limited Edition £21

As you would expect from the warming cinnamon and Christmas sweet orange, this is like walking into a Christingle church service.  The sweet smelling fruit alongside the spicy cinnamon is like a waft of the festive smell you get walking into a coffee shop at Christmas.  It's perfect for the lounge and the reassuring and comforting aroma fills the whole house. Rituals aims to bring the consumer an experience of ancient light ceremonies and soulful living.

Label.m Diamond Dust Candle £FREE with 2 purchases of Diamond Dust Hair Products

I was looking for the RRP and couldn't quite believe it was free with 2 purchases of the newly launched Diamond Dust Hair products.  The smell is a blend of the tropics with floral notes including gardenia gloral, bergamot citrus, flirty tuberose and delicate magnolia, whilst the mellowing base of violet floral and musk is incredibly inviting. 

The products  themselves are label.m's premium range of hair care and including particles of real diamond dust, leaving hair shiny, feeling incredibly silky and with the same beautiful scent as the candle.  The range is 'limited edition' for Christmas and is definitely worth investing in as not only are the products such high quality but the candle smells exquisite.

Bath House Prosecco Candle £14.99

Set the mood and fill your house with party vibes with this distinctive Prosecco candle, that fills the air with the sparkling notes of Prosecco.  It really does feel like you're walking into a bubbly bottle of fizz and makes for a wonderful gift this Christmas. It's light, fruity and perfect for getting the party started!

1001 Remedies PurAir £24

1001 Remedies is a brand concerned for your well-being and as such all their products are made with 100% natural organic essential oils.  A spray of the PurAir does just that, it purifies the air to rid of harmful bacteria, cleanse the air of viruses whilst at the same time treat the mind, body and spirit.  PurAir contains cinnamon essential oil that helps strengthen the immune system and peppermint to invigorate the mind and enliven the spirit. A scent that can be used in the home or office. 

Crabtree & Evelyn London Feast For The Senses £45

Encased in this festive pink box are a trio of candles designed to work in harmony with each other or alone.  Fill your kitchen with the wonderful aromas of rich Festive Fig, your lounge with tantalising and warming Spiced Earl Grey and your bedroom with the delicate but sprightly Rose Pineapple. Your house will come alive with a burst of vibrant scent when used together or as an alternative wrap each one in delicate pink tissue paper and give as individual gifts at the dinner table. 

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell ODE £37

Rich, luxuriating and decadent is how I would describe this candle when lit.  As the aromas seep into the room filling it with warmth and comfort from the amber, agarwood, warm musk and patchouli you'll be transported into a log cabin on a cold wintry night. However, the real benefit of this candle can be felt as the oils can also be used to give you a deep, relaxing massage. Simply light the wick, wait for the candle to melt and then once when cooled slightly, scoop up the oils and massage all over your body. The whole ritual is simply delightful and with the 100% organic ingredients your skin will feel amazing. It's a little treat for your spirit. 

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