Monday, 3 October 2016

Millionaire Hair Mist by JKB Argent

I'm lucky in that I get to test lots of products however, I'm not so lucky in that all the blow-drying, colouring and straightening has completely ruined the condition of my hair.  So after a summer of frazzling in the sun, swimming without a swim-hat and testing every heated appliance on the shelves, it's no wonder my poor, dehydrated locks are screaming for some TLC.

Of course working my beauty savvy to my advantage, I then put a call out to my PRs for any products they have, which would enable some comfort and restoration to my hair (more on this later). However, one product stood out and whilst, yes I will admit when something is an advertorial, I wouldn't accept if it wasn't a brilliant product. So let me introduce you to the Millionaire Hair Mist by chemist JKB Argent.

This lightweight oil spray can be used on either dry or damp hair after shampooing to nourish and work from the very base of the hair shaft.  It can also be used as a more intensive leave-in conditioner, by placing a warm towel on your hair after you’ve spritzed it on.

It's an organic product completely free of chemicals and harsh additives, and boasts a huge host of ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Such ingredients include calming and sensitizing aloe vera and ginger, sage and pomegranate well known for their anti-oxidant properties and if you suffer from hair loss, then blackcurrant, which is known to prevent thinning hair.

The formula means that it doesn’t sit ‘heavy’ or weigh fine hair down (like mine) and as you can see from the pictures below leaves it looking incredibly shiny.  It’s also be featured in top glossy magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and well-known beauty professionals rave about this being their number 1 hair product.

It comes in 100ml and costs £35. For more information email Jas Braich, Director at or telephone 07817 424 902.

Before - my dehydrated lank locks

After - taken in the same light - you can immediately see the difference

With the flash on- look how it's made my highlights gleam!

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