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It's a pretty obvious way how to start this feature but it really was only a matter of time before Katie Price launched herself into the beauty and skincare industry, and whether you have an opinion on her  or not one thing cannot be argued and that is everything she puts her hands to (in a business sense), has been a huge success.  So she has taken the incredibly wise move and teamed up with the British manufacturers Medichem and launched her Katie Price Beauty range and here it is!

The Complete Brush Collection £20

At first glance the packaging didn't really impress me, it all looked a bit discount store cheap in the flimsy white box and so I wasn't expecting great things with the brushes. However, this is when I am reminded never to judge a book by its cover or a box by it's contents.  The brushes themselves are super soft and super packed with synthetic hair, and upon testing made the products blend seamlessly.  A special mention must go to the foundation and concealer brush as it really worked my foundation in like a second skin.  My only gripe is it would be nice for beginners to see which brushes are for what purpose, and so an engravement description on the brush would have been good touch.

Body Shimmer 50ML £12

I have tested several shimmers over the years and my favourite always remained the cult Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse but it was rather expensive (although come down in price in recent years). The reason I loved it was it did what it said on the bottle, gave a shimmer,rather than a glitter. This one does just that and at a fraction of the price.  Absent are the glitter particles often found in cheaper brands and instead this literally highlights limbs and the d├ęcolletage with a subtle golden highlight. Beautiful with or without a tan and a must for Christmas! However, before you think this is just a body oil it's not, it can also be used to give subtle lights to the hair! Containing oils of almond, jojoba, grapeseed to name but a few, it leaves hair and skin feeling wonderfully soft!

Baked Highlighter in Warm £6

Again for the price I wasn't expecting much and once again I was presently surprised. The compact is nice and sturdy with little touches such as the bow clasp and it contains a decent sized mirror. Open up and the baked powder is super girly with an imprinted heart.  Now I am very loyal to my Tom Ford highlighter but I can say this comes in at a close second.  The stunning pearlised colour gives a delicate pink, gold highlight that catches cheekbones and again makes them radiant without any glitter particles, making the formula spot on. Use it on the inner corners of the eyes to give that wide away look, highlight under the brow bone, on top of cheekbones or lightly brushed across wherever your bones naturally protrude!

Brow Palette £10

This contains every shade for all eye brow colours making it an excellent gift choice as you can't go wrong. It also contains a wax for holding the colour and a cream/shimmer highlight to create the perfect arch. For brow colours you can mix and match from a choice of 6 making it ideal for blondes through to brunettes (note I would've preferred a slightly darker colour for darker skin tones, but this does span the majority of shades).  It contains a brush and mini tweezers with a mirror and the compact acts like a magnet so you whilst you don't get the click on closing, it does close (I shook it to make sure)! On the photo I literally applied the darkest colour shade with just a few strokes (and without the wax), and well you can see it made a good difference.

Before the powder
After the powder (darkest shade - it can be built up - this was just a few strokes)
Body Wash £5

A super foamy body wash, and if I'm honest a bit 'heady' for my liking, but you only need a tiny amount and so it lasts ages. The smell does linger on the skin and is quite sensual with warm woody and seemingly oriental notes. It contains olive oil and so leaves the body feeling quite pampered and soft. 

So my conclusion is this. Its a mid-range beauty brand and as made by the same company who manufacturer Revolution (one of my favourite brands), I am pleasantly surprised. I wasn't keen on the packaging however, each item has been well thought of in detail and the quality is up there with some of the high end products.  Tweens will love for Christmas but don't be surprised if mum or sister nicks it too! The Baked Highlighter and Brush Set is definitely staying in my bedroom! You can purchase all these items from this link

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