Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ten easy steps to remember when buying perfumes!

Bath is running, so I have 5 minutes to bash out a quick guide to buying perfumes either for yourself or as a gift. Perfumes and after-shaves sell more at this time of the year nearing Christmas than any other and its no wonder as there are some fantastic offers! However, before you buy just remember a few tips.

  1. Every perfume has a top, middle and base note. Whilst the top is most powerful, its the base note that makes the lasting impression, so always wait a while after testing to see how it lies on your skin, as this will be the scent you are left with.
  2. Never test more than 2–3 fragrances a day. You will get a headache, as your sense of smell becomes over-stimulated.
  3. Do not use those cardboard strips to test perfume, they do not give a true indication of what a fragrance will smell like. Only ever test on your skin as the warmth will affect the notes.
  4. As above, only apply fragrance to wear your body naturally heats up. I.e behind back of knees, elbows, wrists or a dab behind your ears. This will give a slower release and your scent will last longer.
  5. Layering different scents is not sexy. Stick to one scent only –  the only exception is single note fragrances which can be layered.
  6. For a cheap DIY fragrance set, buy unscented body lotion, oil and bubble bath and simply add a few drops of your favourite fragrance.
  7. Never buy a fragrance because it smells great on your friend. Chances are it will smell completely different on yourself.
  8. Always accept graciously any perfume samples given, they're fab for travel.
  9. I do sometimes take those cardboard strips and spray testers, but only to put in my underwear drawer, this is a great tip to keep your undies smelling gorgeous.
  10. Finally store perfume away from direct sunlight and try to keep in a cool dark cupboard. This will ensure your fragrance stays in its best condition.

So hope you liked. My bath is run now! I'm off for some pampering time….

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