Tuesday, 13 November 2012


When I come back from holidays I should carry a warning sign with ‘beware hazardous state, enter conversation at your own risk’. Holiday, packing and unpacking gives me an irritation that crawls up my skin, not unlike when I gave up smoking 20 years ago. Luckily for the children they stayed at their dad’s house when we got back home, in honesty the lot of them ran to their safety, leaving Molly vs wardrobe/wire hanger war to myself. Even our cat stayed a healthy distance away, looking at me with amusement but without mistake his claws out.  I run this task with absolute military precision and once finished and everything shoved in its place, I then get a wash of calm over me and finally a satisfaction I usually only get after a 5k run - euphoria. 

Now usually to get me back into the land of living, for whatever reason holidays, operations, stress – I like to treat myself to a massage or facial, and whilst pennies prevailed me from booking one (outlets – Florida), I conveniently managed to book in for a feature to write up about The Beauty Lounge for the ultimate in relaxation and massage. 

I’m extremely lucky that I get given some wonderful treatments, but people often ask me where I do go when I treat myself.  Well I go to The Beauty Lounge in Brentwood, like the after effects of waxing, it’s stuck on me and it’s all down to the owner Tory Kasparian.  Now I’m quite possessive over Tory after all I don’t want her to get too booked up (selfish), but as soon as I met here many years ago we instantly connected and had an amazing beauty bromance since.  Maybe it’s her wide smile, chatty persona and enthusiasm for her work that is totally contagious, or maybe because you can tell her your most innermost secrets (she won’t tell a soul), she is the epitome a of beauty therapist. Her salon is entered via Raymond Beauttone hairdresser, and at first glance it’s hard to imagine finding the luxury to escape amongst the lively chat and noise of the hairdryers.  Delve a little further, and you will find towards the back of the hairdressers, the aroma of scented candles leading you towards some stairs, which take you down into a secret haven cut off from the rest of the world. The clever use of colour, sultry purples, plush silvers and flickering candles create an atmosphere that entices your curiosity further until you reach the compact reception and nail bar.  At the end you’re welcomed into her boudoir, where enchanting music is playing and warm towels and fluffy blankets are waiting to cocoon you. 

The treatment she gave me was the Rolls Royce of relaxation.  It started off with me lying on my stomach whilst warm thermal stones were expertly glided into my skin melting away any anxieties and muscle tension.  Extracts of Lavender and Chamomile from the Decleor products alongside the strategically placed Eucalyptus tissues soon stopped any stressy thoughts rushing through my brain, allowing me to only concentrate on the experience.  The massage finished off with an application of cold refreshing gel and it was then that I was turned on to my back to start the second half of the treatment of a half hour anti-ageing facial.  This still included all the benefits from a full facial - cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, mask and moisturise.  It was the perfect treatment to get the best of both worlds.  It was difficult to gain any form of perspective as Tory’s hands firmly massaged and drained my sinuses.  Every pressurised stroke only confirmed her absolute passion for her work and it wasn’t long before I drifted into my usual dribbling slumber.  Afterwards it was all I could do but go home and put on my Primarni fluffy PJs and watch Peppa Pig with the kids.

To book an appointment with Tory at The Beauty Lounge contact.  A 10% discount is being offered on ‘The Face and Body Experience’ when you quote askmollybeauty.  If you have a beauty business you would like me to review, please contact me at askmollybeauty@gmail.com or any beauty queries via Twitter @askmollybeauty.

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