Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Desert Island Products

No problems I told Big Ed, I’ve got a 9 hour flight and I can just use my new netbook. What I didn’t count on was 101 hyperactive kids, guess as we were heading to Florida I should have expected it. Also should have expected my 4 yr old son  to have a full on fit as he wanted my netbook, hence why I am sitting next to my 9yr old daughter, I just wonder if it’s too early to administer the Phenergan (for myself of course …).
Well whilst Mickey may not float my boat like the average child (albeit Shrek does – we’re toe related), the one thing guaranteed to make me hyper is the welcoming lights of Duty Free.  As soon as we were through security they started calling my name and my pin number. Chanel, MAC, Bobbi Brown all welcomed me like long lost friends and I spent the next hour playing catch up. Children were deposited with their father on a nice comfy chair with a Starbucks, whilst I walked around gleefully oohing and aahing at all the limited editions one can only buy at the airport.  As usual I  headed to Crème de La Mer first and happily slap dashed their £200 serum on my face for the flight – (NB little tip, only ever use a pump, never use a cream from a pot unless you want everyone else’s germs on your face).  By the time I finished my face was proudly sporting the greasy shine only hundreds of pounds worth of products could do – gluttony at its worst. After all, just because I’m a Beauty Ed doesn’t mean I get sent these things for free!
Of course like all people I have my absolute essentials, my ‘Desert Island’ products and here are a few...
·         My top product is Vaseline – I carry this with me everywhere. For a more expensive version Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream is very good, but Vaseline is hard to beat. Try it for chapped lips, cuticle and nail conditioner, slather on feet at night whilst wearing cotton socks – softest tootsies next day, use on ends of hair to give definition or seal split ends, add a tiny amount to moisturiser for a dewy skin tone, polish your shoes, as an eyelash conditioner, moisturise rough elbows and knees, the list is endless.
·         Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 for face and body.  SPF is one ingredient that should be in all moisturisers. Always use a separate one for your face, as most of those that are contained in moisturiser are not suffice to give enough protection. This is why high end brands, often don't contain SPF in their moisturisers, they want you to get skin savvy and apply a separate SPF. 

·         My next favourite product is mascara. No other reason than I have short, sparse lashes that are just bleugh. I’ve tried and tested hundreds but always go back to Lancôme Defincils, although Max Factor 2000 is also a classic, good at lengthening and thickening.
·         Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat – this cult product earned its way on to most Beauty 
Editors lists as being the one must have. Why? It can simply knock years off, pat under the eyes, above eyebrows, on top of cupids bow and wait for the compliments to come rolling in.
·         Benefits Brow Zing. My eyelashes are very similar to my eyebrows – say no more, my fault a result of over-plucking when I was a teenager. Benefits Brow Zing is a waxy brow filler and looks so natural.
·         Boots Microdermabrasion Body Scrub and Superdrug’s Vitamin E Body Scrub. Both are equally good, grainy, no nonsense scrubs that do the job.  Apply to damp elbows, legs, knees, feet – a must have once a week for baby smooth skin and always use before applying fake tan. Again I have tried expensive versions but these both top my favourites.
Of course, if I was at any point stranded on a desert island then Pierce would be added to my list, as well as a Wilson Volleyball (Castaway), probably a penknife and of course my I Phone. Actually the I Phone is more essential than all of the above.  Right, the kids (and half the plane) are now happily watching Brave, I’m going to sit back, have a snooze and dream of Mickey, Premium Outlets, Magic Kingdom, Prime Outlets, Pluto, Ugg Outlet, Tinkerbell, Walgreens – hhhmm Walgreens the best bargain beauty store in the world……

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