Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Could Semen be the miracle face serum....

I don't know how I suddenly came to thinking that Semen could be a miracle product for the skin. Maybe it was reading up on the top Hollywood salon that uses bull sperm in their facials. However, after asking lots of people not to judge me on my theory, I decided to investigate. I also threw it past various people from school mums to the hierarchy of a tennis club and of course it got lots of giggles on girls nights out. The reactions of everyone, made my mind up to test the public and see their reaction – although had to be said most friends had actually heard of it before, whilst several had been wondering whether to introduce it alongside their Clarins moisturiser.

So whilst I wasn't surprised that quite a bit of research has already been done on this –  just google and you will see that most doctors and health professionals agree its good for the skin. What I was surprised is why someone hasn't bottled it (obviously finding a preservative), and made a fortune. Again, I had many jokes mostly from men ranging from sperm banks to donor via thanks you've made me a happy man, ill tell my wife.

However, before you all laugh it off as a gag (pardon pun), lets look at the facts and ingredients involved, after all they read as like a top skincare product that would probably be in the higher end bracket..

  • Protein –  essential for repairing skin cells and improving elasticity
  • Amino Acids/natural sugars –  used as light exfoliation
  • Vitamins/hormones – contains growth hormone prostaglandins
  • Zinc –  great for antibacterial use

So whilst I haven't tried and tested it, I have asked a couple of 'she whom shall not be named' friends,to do so. The first effect is tightening, gross but its like applying egg white, however, her skin felt amazing for days. She had spots, which she dabbed regularly with semen and they disappeared after couple of days, having dried up quicker than 'any zit cream' she had used. The other friend said the same thing,with the added benefit of softer looking skin.  

Of course, there is a lot of research needed to prove its worth… For example, a mans diet could affect the quality of the semen. Someone eating a clean diet of veg is going to have healthier sperm. Also you would have to implicitly trust your donor i.e your boyfriend/husband as any STD is a huge worry.

Yet with one salon in New York apparently charging in excess of $250 for 'sperm facial' surely its worth considering. Its free (for some of us) and they'll be alto more men out there happier to go shopping for the day!

Before I sign off, pls note I'm not a Doctor, I'm a Beauty Editor and open to all avenues of searching for that eternal youth, and sharing it with you. Whilst my view is most beauty comes from inside, there's nothing wrong with a helping hand!

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