Wednesday, 7 November 2012

5 Minutes Spare

Dear All, I’m having a wonderful time in sunny Florida – a few mild panics along the way involving lemons – my morning ritual of lemons and hot water meant carrying a few in my suitcase, try explaining that to customs bringing citrus fruit into Sunshine State the land of growing fruit. Also had to deal with the usual queue induced tantrums, mainly from myself not the kids which led me thinking how I was going to cope with waiting an hour for 5 minutes being whizzed around on Harry Potter (actually that is worth the wait).  Anyway stresses aside, pleased to report we arrived safely and soundly and kids are having a fantastic time.  Shopping has been accomplished Molly style with the usual bubbling overboard at the sight of all the makeup in Walgreens – I think the shop assistant felt slightly amused and probably now wonders if the UK actually stock mascaras. Ralph Lauren ran out of stock after I left, and as I always say the epitome of a successful days shopping is the purchase of an extra suitcase - the rucksack the kids father bought to fill my purchases was met with an incredulous glare and “are you kidding me, that will fit maybe a tenth of what I’ve bought”, however, in all due to respect he was very patient and I didn’t push it, in fact I didn’t dare - he has to open the visa bill, although nearly everything was of course Christmas presents for long lost nieces, nephews and cousins…

Now having been to Florida before, I know that everything is full on, magnified, to the extremities and beyond as Buzz Lightyear would say.  Cars are simply 4x4 trucks, food portions – words fail me (not good for a writer) and washing machines are quite simply the best in the world. However, I have to say that after a few days of repeatedly going on Pirates of a Caribbean (Johnny Depp the waxwork hhmmm); I needed some time out – some space – 5 minutes peace. Now usually I would shut myself away on the toilet with my IPhone for company, but my bathroom door doesn’t have a lock on it and the kids keep running in and out.  So with strict instructions for Daddy to take Donut out (my 4yr son) and buy him his namesake in treats, I spent half an hour play time in the bathroom with my new lotions and potions from Walgreens.  My daughter kept quiet on the IPad with bribes of nail art designs if she left me alone.

Many of us rarely have time for ourselves, what with work and family life we’re often last priority. If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, try these little feel beauty tricks to pep you up.

·         Quick DIY facial. Apply a warm flannel to a cleansed face for a few seconds and then apply your mask. I use all different masks depending on how my skin is behaving. As a rule, a cream mask is best for dry skin and clay based best for oilier skins. Or whip up your own by simply applying mashed banana and honey, moisturising and antibacterial, just leave for 10 minutes then remove with tepid water. Skin will feel nourished and look brighter.

·         DIY eyebrow dye. So easy to do, dye is available from any large chemist i.e. Boots/Superdrug. Simply follow instructions, leave for a few minutes and remove, and then tweeze any strays. You can also buy DIY eyelash dyes and their easy to apply formula are great for even the most novice beauticians!

·         Gently exfoliate lips by running a wash cloth under warm tap and massaging into lips or use a soft bristle toothbrush, slather on the lip salve after to keep lips flaky free.

·         DIY hand and foot scrub. Make for soft hands by massaging in any base oil with large sugar or salt granules. If using for feet apply few drops peppermint oil to revive tired feet.

·         Apply a hair mask or treatment oil. There are so many available but I like Kerastase Elixir and Moroccan Oil.  I always massage in and leave for 5 minutes before I shampoo as an extra hydrating treatment, I then apply a few drops after I’ve shampooed.  Coconut oil is a good alternative to keep locks glossy and shiny.

·         Moisturise. Be it your hands, feet or whole body. I always keep a moisturiser handy in my bag, kitchen and car, slather on whilst waiting for kettle to boil or kids to come out of school.

·         Drink some water. When we’re rushed off our feet, it’s easy to grab a coffee to keep us going and whilst caffeine does have some benefits, to drink more water is by far the best beauty tip there is.

Of course, I’m only human and whilst I know my rights from wrongs I’m also a very honest Beauty Editor. I will admit that if I do have 5 minutes I have been known to squeeze a few ingrown hairs on my legs, write constant updates on Facebook/Twitter (friends will vouch for that), read a magazine on the toilet, lunge up and down the stairs (it’s a fitness bug) and my favourite, play at full blast Edge of Glory and dance Gaga style with my kids around the living room.

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