Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Top Make-up Hacks For Christmas Glamour EYES!

"Feeling tired and looking glum
Feeling comfy with a padded bum
Watching TV is your biggest thrill
Eating Doritos is your only skill

The dreaded moment when you reply back yes
to being invited or being the hostess
When Christmas parties are coming your way
and your mates drag you out to play

So off you go to transform yourself to glam
but end up looking like mutton dressed as lamb
Well that's not happening not this year
as your Fairy Godmother Molly is here

So sit back and read these beauty tricks
and put away those chocolate bics
For at that party you'll be sure to shine
but if you don't there is always wine"

  • Never apply foundation or powder until you're eye make-up is done, as that way any loose powder can be cleansed away without ruining your base.
  • Boob tape - apply diagonally from the outer corner of your eye, so you get a great template/slant for an uplifting winged effect, and again any spills will go onto the tape.
  • Brows - with so many brow products on the market it's difficult to choose a product. Just make sure it matches your natural brow colouring, don't go too dark as this is ageing and to give a 3d effect use a subtle gold highlighter to catch the edges of the brow as this will make them appear thicker than they are. Also remember that brows are not identical so it looks more natural to follow their individual shape.
  • Use an eye primer to make eye shadow stay put and stop it creasing as the night goes on. This will also ensure the colour is 'truer' to that in the palette.
  • Lighter colours are more flattering and will make eyes appear wider and brighter.
  • Never underestimate a good eye drop - banish red eyes and tired eyes with a drop or two of Optrex before your night out.
  • A tiny dot of highlighter be it silver, flesh coloured or gold in the inner corner of the eyes will make them look brighter.
  • Line eyes with a flesh coloured eyeliner - much more natural than a white eyeliner to make eyes look brighter.
  • Highlight the lid with a pop of glitter, this is the time when anyone can get away with glitter but choose just a smidgen.
  • Curl eyelashes to make them appear bigger and always comb through - clumpy mascara is ageing.
  • Choose a couple of individual false lashes instead of strips to really accentuate the shape of your eyes.
  • A metallic liner on the lids is really flattering, try navy, olive or bronze.
To help you along your way - here's some great products, which have been tried and tested by moi!

Avante Dynamic Effect Mascara £36 Dynamic Lash Serum £69 

Admittedly I haven't tried the Lash Serum long enough to get the results as promised (the hair cycle is around 4 weeks, so you need to use for this amount of time). However, with the ingredients it promises to condition lashes and encourage growth of thicker and glossier lashes. Mine are quite sparse and with just one coat they looked healthier!

With just one application of the mascara I got the WOW factor.  The curved wand makes applying a doddle without any smudging on the lower lashes.  Each lash was coated without any clumping and nearly doubled in length! Best of all the mascara is enriched with jojoba oils to treat lashes to extra conditioning and improve eyelash health. As mentioned before I don't use filters and am not a professional make-up artist - I like to keep it 'real'!

Bohemian Chic Minerals Eyeshadows from £5.60

I received these products a while back and wanted to save for this feature, as the products are so gentle on the eyes.  Many people find with the late nights and alcohol that their eyes are really irritated and these products contain all pure mineral ingredients and so are non-irritating and formulated for the most sensitive of peeps.  The formulas are beautiful and I tested Rustic £5.60 - a deep shimmering brown; Pretty in Pink £11 - a beautiful, shimmering and delicate rose and Morning Coffee £11 - a matte nude shade ideal for a natural look and a great base colour.

The pigments are super-versatile and can be used anywhere on the face including mixed with a gloss for a stunning lip colour. Pretty in Pink looks amazing on the eyelids to make eyes look 'wide-awake', or as a highlighter for under the brow to lift eyes, and can also be used for a exquisite shimmer on the cheekbones.  Whilst the Rustic can be used wet and is safe enough to use as a liner on the water-line and also can be used to fill in sparse brows! 

In the photos, I've literally used my fingers to apply and the pigments blend effortlessly. The colours suit everyone and can be built with coverage to create and natural daytime look or a heavier evening eye! I can't wait to show you the lipsticks but that's another feature!

Bardou Booster Brow £25

If you're a regular user of brow products, then you are going to absolutely love this brow kit from Bardou.  Firstly, it contains fibres so actually builds the hair up rather than just 'colouring' your existing brows. Secondly, the 'glue' that holds the fibres in place will withstand rain, swimming and is 100% smudge proof. Lastly the product was an absolute doodle to use, simply fill in between your brows with the gel then blend with the brush provided. It took me less than 20 seconds to do one brow (before picture above, below after picture) and as you can see from the photo look so natural. Oh and the ingredients are anti-ageing - it's a win-win and has replaced my old Wunderbrow and gets my award for my Number 1 Brow Product!

DHC Gel Pencil Eyeliner EX £9.50

Hot of the press for January 2017 these beautiful gel eye pencil liners are a must-have for all your eyeliner needs. Be it a cat flick, smoky eye, smudged rock chick or a natural line, the easy to glide on formula ensures application is easy, fuss free and smudge free.  The pigment is soft to blend, but the colour stays true! Perfect for those with sensitive eyes and the liner won't drag the skin like many others do.  

Tested below is the brown, a beautiful rich colour that enhances all eye shades. The black is a jet black perfect for evening glamour. 

Essence The Metals £2

Essence just keep surprising me with their quality products at such bargain prices. I have often put them in the press as not only is their mascara one of the best I've tried, the prices mean you can constantly update your look and keep on trend without breaking the bank.
These metal eyeshadows are like lustrous gilt and look amazing pressed onto the eyelid for a flash of dazzling glamour.  The lightest shade Vanilla Brilliance can be used to highlight under the brow and on the inner corner of the eye to widen eyes. Both the other shades I tested Patina Glow and Frozen Toffee look incredible on their own with just lashings of mascara, or for a real statement try layering over a darker shade for enchanting glamour. Another tip is to mix with lipgloss or blend a tiny amount to the centre over lipstick to update into a beautiful metallic shade. 

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