Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Now that we are heading into January it's time to start focusing a little attention on to ourselves. If, like me, you've neglected everything but the 'once a week' Pinot habit then you may have started seeing the impact that December brings. Weight gain, dry skin, dry hair, chapped lips and a general feeling of bleugh is something most people empathise with at this time of the year.  So for the next month I, alongside most bloggers and publications will be bringing you features on how to treat yourself with some TLC.  First stop is this little beauty!

The Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil is just that, an oil you can apply everywhere to make you look and feel more beautiful. In a convenient pipette style bottle, which ensures precise application and no spillage, this highly concentrated oil contains all you need to pamper your dry skin. Not only can it be used on the body but nails, cuticles, eyelashes, eyebrows, feet, lips and also as a deep hair conditioner.

The key ingredient is Kahai Oil known for it's replenishing and hydration properties. The oil is more nourishing than Argan Oil and has 3 times more natural Vitamin A than Rose Hip Oil.  Other ingredients include Squalane and Oat Oil, both moisturising and natural barriers to prevent moisture loss. Grape Seed Oil in the purest form, known to contain antioxidants to protect from pollution and  protecting skin elasticity, as well as soothing blemish prone skin. Jojoba Oil again used to promote skin suppleness and Vitamin E another antioxidant ideal for scarring.

To use simply massage as and when to the areas needed however, here's some extra tips.

  • Use on dry hair to tame split ends.
  • Use as a pre-shampoo oil to give extra conditioning.
  • Mix a couple of drops with your conditioner for extra conditioning, and to make highlights gleam.
  • Massage onto feet, pop on cotton socks and let soak overnight to reveal super soft skin.
  • Use on areas of red, patchy, dry, flaky skin to banish in an instant.
  • Mix a couple of drops with your usual moisturiser to give extra protection to the face in icy and windy conditions.
  • Mix with your usual body lotion for silky, soft skin.
  • Apply with a fine comb to your eyelashes for conditioning or to tame unruly eyebrows.

Before and after applying just a couple of drops to my dry knee!

 The product is priced at £28.50 and you can read all the raving customer reviews and also buy it here!

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