Sunday, 11 December 2016


Those who know me know that I love a mask as for me it's the ultimate part of a facial (if I'm doing a DIY, otherwise it's the massage)!  So I was rather excited to test the 'bliss mask a-'peel' rubberising mask' especially as I have a penchant for 'peel off' products.

This particular mask contains Vitamin C, well known for it's rejuvenating and brightening properties, bilberry extract to nourish and seaweed for detoxifying. So you're getting a triple whammy mask that looks into every skin issue, and especially hungover, dehydrated and dull skin like mine is today!

I had taken a quick look on Google and was surprised to see a few negative reviews all concentrating on the formula being runny and the mask coming off in small pieces, and so I wasn't sure really what to expect.  For the price you get 3 pots and a spatula so the product is already measured out. All you have to do is fill cold water the line marked on the pot and thoroughly stir to mix the product.  As you will see from the photo, the consistency was like smooth cement.
I found it incredibly easy to apply and I think the trick is to make sure the product is quite thick when it goes onto your face, so you can avoid the mask running or breaking up.
The pieces came off in 3 huge bits and was every bit as satisfying as I had hoped. What I wasn't expecting to see were tiny pore marks and line marks on the mask once removed. This had verified it had really sunken into every part of my face - in fact one part (see photo) even had some dirt on it (I'd just gotten out the shower and my face was clean)!
I did have some residue left, but only a small amount that was easily removed with a towel.  My face looked brighter and clearer immediately and felt amazingly soft.
The mask costs £20 for 3 and can be purchased here

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