Saturday, 21 September 2013

Crazy eyes/Halloween/Must have new accessory!

15 years ago I had my very short sighted, high astigmatism eyes lasered and whilst it was the best thing I ever had done, it also meant waving goodbye to months of gas permaeable lenses (soft lenses were not suitable for my prescription)!

However, one huge plus point was I could of course start wearing sunglasses (an obsession has started there), and I could also wear coloured lenses. So when I was asked by if I would like to review something on their website I immediately was drawn to their coloured lenses, but specifically their Phantasee Crazy Lenses. My only problem was choosing as the choice was so vast. Finally I settled on some scary 'Dracula' and 'Dragon Eye's to transform my peepers.

So today I'm sitting in my gym cafe bar whilst the kids play on their Ipads typing and testing these lenses. I have to admit the first time I tried to open the bottle I failed as the silver foil ripped in the wrong place and I ended up using a spoon edge to lift up the hard foil, but the second one I opened slowly and the packaging easily opened. Inserting was easy with only using my camera as a mirror, they slid into my eyes without causing any watering, itchness or redness and within a few moments I didn't even notice I had them in - everyone else of course did!

See for yourself the finished effect, but these amazing lenses are brilliant fun for Halloween, parties and even to spice up your sex life...seriously I had a couple of comments from men who found them 'weirdly attractive in a dangerous way'!!! Prices start from £29 and they last for up to a year. They do come with a full list of instructions and whilst I didn't see an age limit for them, usually its around 16 (I will check this)!

Its a huge thumbs up from me, a huge thumbs up from my 5 year old son but my daughter refused to look at me!

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