Wednesday, 24 April 2013

TOWIE being blamed for rise in Cosmetic Surgery...

Being a Beauty Editor and living in the heart of TOWIE land Brentwood, I've been asked several times my view on the rise of cosmetic surgery, fillers, Botox etc and the link to TOWIE. Today turning on the news a huge debate has sparked up about this such matter, so having a quick few minutes thought I'd blog out my view.

Fillers, Botox etc have been around for years long before TOWIE came onto the scene and I think they've been made a scapegoat.  Sure TOWIE has a certain look to the cast, but then so has mods/goths/emos its a trend and trends don't get anywhere unless they're new and cause debate.

The problem with cosmetic surgery is that there are so many practitioners out there that haven't done the training, who don't even need to be regulated and can buy products off the internet, and whose fault is this –  the Government, and the new regulations can't come quick enough in my opinion. 

Every week or so a back street shop with a cheap billboard pops up with Botox –  set price, 3 for 2 fillers, buy one friend gets one free, its easy and targets those that do not have common sense or confidence and think it will make them look better (btw it won't and in the long run will make you look older!) The people administering these injections just want to prey and make money on the vulnerable.

What the Government needs to put in place is first obviously regulations so that only qualified practitioners can administer, but most importantly those that want it done to go on a counselling or self esteem course first –  if they can afford Botox they can afford private counselling!

Then it's down to us parents to build our kids esteem up tell them we are proud of their individuality and that in Gods eyes and ours they are beautiful.  I'm all for cosmetic surgery if there is a genuine problem but a quick few injections for youth without being made aware of side effects is a no-no in my books.

Of course it's not just the Government to blame its ourselves. We have choices and at an age where we can have these type of treatments we have a brain to make these choices –  so lets not blame a TV series that just shows a certain stereotype of people –  that's purely for entertainment and to be honest I see a huge backlash in all these treatments anyway. In America already celebs are turning their back on the mannequin look, its not attractive and we are now seeing that in fact it just makes you look older!

Rant over, excuse typos off to pick up kids and FYI I let my 9 year old daughter watch TOWIE she loves it and the cast but I've made her well aware that its not real and personality and character is far more important than a pair of fat lips and line free forehead!

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