Thursday, 29 September 2016

10 reasons to get a dog….

Completely unrelated to my beauty features - but I figured dogs come under lifestyle and for that reason I'm dedicating 5 minutes to why dogs are amazing.

Having a dog means you will always have to get off your backside and walk. Walking is the best form of exercise, and with a dog you'll be walking rain or shine. 

Having a dog means you meet like-minded people, and dog-lovers you will find have compassion (probably more for their dogs than humans), but still they will be genuinely nice people.

Having a dog means you will never feel lonely, not only because you meet people but a dog does understand love and they give lots of it.

Dogs are amazing for children, especially those with any kind of special needs as they bond better and also help calm children down. The fact my son takes notice of our dog more than he does me, is neither here nor there.

Dogs are also amazing for getting the kids off the X-box and making them get outside and play ball in the fresh air. Note, try not to take to the park when football matches are on - mine has been known to disrupt the odd game.

Dogs are the perfect snuggle companion when you need something to cuddle up with, whilst watching TV, unless you are watching something that's featuring dogs - then that causes lots of trouble.

Dogs are not like having children, you can leave a dog for a few hours.
Dogs are the perfect excuse if you want to leave a party early. A child will have a babysitter, a dog doesn't and you have to get back to him/her.

Dogs are the perfect way to meet a guy - I've trained mine to chase cyclists and runners, but only if I say the word (fit man), NB this is a joke but you get the idea. 

Dogs wake you if there is an intruder, dogs also wake you if there are badgers and best of all dogs (although mine is dopey), usually eat spiders.  They also eat Power Ranger toys, which is great if you have too many of them. 

Dogs can't talk - so you can blame everything on to them i.e. the bad smell, the chewed up homework etc….

There - in less than a few minutes I've listed why dogs are amazing animals, and everyone should, if time allows get a dog. 

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