Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Summer Skin Saviours

For the first time in a couple of years I’ve had a week-long break from the kids. I thought I would miss them, but safe in the knowledge they don’t read the paper I haven’t, at all. I knew they were having a great time, evident from my daughters tailored off Whatsapp messages to me, and so I’ve made the most of having 168 hours to myself.  I discovered the art of time wasting, eating figs and indulging in midday wine, something as a taxi driver I never do and it’s done me the world of good. 

My skin on the other hand has suffered, countless hours of shoving my face into the sun every time it appeared behind a cloud has taken its toll.  Every time my inner voice critized the amount of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) I was wearing, my lack of Vitamin D from recent blood tests promptly shut that inner voice up.  The results speak for themselves, a nice leather effect usually reserved on the Palma to Stansted flight.

Luckily for me as a beauty writer I was invited to trial out the latest CACI Synergy Facial at Aroma in Shenfield, Essex.  Kerry, Senior Skincare Specialist, led the treatment and after a thorough consultation we both agreed that my skin was in desperate need of hydration.

The treatment takes the next step into technology as traditional facial and massage techniques, were replaced with simultaneous photo electrical delivery S.P.E.D. technology.  A layered procedure of exfoliation took place by way of, surface exfoliation followed by a deeper microdermabrasion exfoliation to ensure dead skins cells were removed.  Various probes were then spent massaging my face, encouraging the muscles to work at their optimum, and a ‘wrinkle comb’ used in conjunction with LED lights that stimulated collagen.  Finally an intense Hydromask soaked in Hyaluronic Acid, was placed on my thirsty skin, giving it a much needed drink.

The treatment was surprisingly relaxing as the probes gave a fluid, more firmer massage, and left my skin rejuvenated and restored from the sun damage. The treatment takes 90 minutes and costs £120 (note prices vary per salon). For more information go to

If your skin isn’t behaving itself, check out some of these products.
Grahams Natural Calendulis Plus Cream £16.95

Designed specifically to give comfort and aid in the healing of anti-inflammatory skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.  This cream contains a combination of calendula extract, manuka honey and emu oil, which are known for their anti-bacterial and soothing qualities.

Remescar prices from £19.99

Remescar are a brand that focuses on the treatment of spider veins, scarring and stretch marks.  The Remescar Stick £19.99 contains a silicon film that acts as a barrier to protect scars but also hydrates and promotes cell renewal. It’s an essential to have in your medicine cabinet as treats a variety of skin complaints, from bug bites, acne, burns and is ideal if you’ve recently had surgery. 

They also have products to give instant improvement of the appearance of spider veins and stretch marks.  All the products are clinically proven and they have the kudos of Katie Piper being their 2016 Ambassador.

PMD Personal Microderm Kit £135

An award winning Best Beauty Buy by the US edition of InStyle magazine, this microdermabrasion machine is the next best thing to a professional salon treatment.  Not only does it remove surface skin cells, but also the action allows products to penetrate 20% deeper into your skin, allowing active ingredients to work at their optimum.  The spinning discs and suction draws away dirt, grime and oil blocked pores, leaving the skin looking refreshed and feeling amazing.  Ideal for after the holiday or if you work in the City or polluted areas.

Environ Intensive Revival Masque £52

It’s expensive but a little goes a long way, and I guarantee your face will thank you after you’ve applied a layer of this masque.  Ideal for sun-drenched skin that mimics an A-Z and is in need of a desperate quick fix.  Whilst it’s aim is to repair sun damaged skin, due to the acids in the cream it’s vital that an SPF is worn when trialing the cream. The acids work by lowering the PH of your skin, so rather than any harsh peels, it promotes hydration and cell growth.  

Dermalogica Clear Start Prices from £13.10

The Clear Start range is formulated for anyone who suffers from breakouts, acne and oily skin types and is especially ideal for teenagers.  The range covers a wide skincare regime from cleansing, masque, exfoliant to overnight repair.  The success in the products lies in the gentle ingredients, that don’t strip the skin or contain any harsh chemicals like other products do.  It’s an ideal range to take on holiday, as not only do teenagers neglect their skin but also raging hormones sadly dictate the skin condition acne.  The products are easy to use an ideal for both boys and girls, ensuring that skin is kept deeply cleansed and moisturised. 

Mustela Stelatopia Cream £12.95

This emollient-based cream restructures parched skin and replenishes with a cocktail of fatty acids, giving immediate relief to eczema and itchy skin. Suitable for all ages but specifically targeted for babies and children who suffer from dry skin.  The cream is fragrance free, paraben free and contains no colour or harsh chemicals. 

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