Sunday, 27 July 2014

Reflexology and Reiki

Since finding myself single after 20 years I’ve had to deal with a lot of hurdles, aside from the emotional turmoil, there have been many obstacles put my way.  For instance I can now rewire a Wii console, fix the Sky TV and empty a dustbin full of live maggots (with the help of my lovely neighbour Peter). I’ve learnt that euros are not needed for my daughters Isle of Wight school trip and that my Sat Nav works when not being held upside down. However, there was nothing that prepared me for last week.  Already stressed from having to face Aragog (spider) in my house, I was doodling along the country lanes of Doddinghurst, when my car dashboard illuminated red, steam came up from my bonnet and my car literally just conked out.  After banging my head, I was stranded on a bend in the middle of nowhere. I practiced deep breathing, but when a motorist yelled at me for blocking the road (yes really), well I had full major meltdown. Thankfully my friend Mike lived nearby and with the help of Hi-Ho Garages (01277 823 115) and my credit card, one new radiator later and all is dandy. I on the other-hand am not. In fact my stress levels have bypassed the M&Ms, veered past the wine and at this point in time are close to crashing.

Obviously I can’t allow this happen so I’ve been looking at alternative therapies to try and bring some peace and restoration to my mind, body and soul. Now I’ve tried a manner of all sorts of therapies and whilst some I enjoy there are others I don’t understand.  This time I decided to have a go at some reflexology and reiki.

I chose reflexology as I can see why it works. When my father had a brain hemorrhage many moons ago, he was left totally paralyzed until one day he managed to move his little toe. I’ll never forget the nurse at Oldchurch Hospital, saying to me that as all the nerve endings finish in the feet this is a good sign he will recover – and thankfully he did. I also had reflexology during my pregnancy and was amazed how the therapist picked up on many of my ailments.

The therapy was founded in ancient Egypt, India and China and then introduced to the West by Dr William Fitzgerald. The principles work on corresponding various organs of the body with parts of the feet and are used to restore harmony and balance to ones self. It is not an alternative for conventional medicine nor should it be used as such, as reflexologists’ state they cannot cure, treat or prescribe.  However, it is used as a complementary treatment for many conditions including back pain, stress related conditions, fertility, hormonal imbalances and sleep disorders.

I was a bit more skeptical when it comes to reiki, this works simply by touch and ‘universal energy’.  Whilst I understand that our natural instinct when we hurt ourselves is to be comforted by touch, I’m not so sure that lying fully clothed whilst a therapist places her hands over various parts of my body would have some effect on me. Still I’m pretty much game for anything!

I contacted Victoria Conway MAR of Lotus Feet as she has an excellent reputation in Essex, is a teacher for reflexology and reiki and most importantly does home visits.  On the day we went through a consultation and highlighted any niggling pains I had. I purposely held back on a couple, as I wanted to see if she picked up on them, but my ultimate aim was to get rid of my stress.

After settling me into her comfortable reclining chair, cocooning me in soft blankets and cushions, Victoria started pressing various points on my feet. She did warn me that there might be some pain although it just felt like a heavenly foot massage. There were times which were uncomfortable, but not so much so that within 20 minutes my clenched jaw (anxiety) slackened and soon I was drifting off.

I was impressed when she had finished that she not only pointed out all my areas of weaknesses, but how incredibly hypermobile I am (I hold a disabled badge as its so bad), this has been the bane of my life which has caused most of my body to be riddled with arthritis, although you wouldn’t know it to look at me!  

She then performed some reiki and it was here that I had to stifle the giggles. Whilst she placed her hands on various parts of my body, I was trying to hold in the laughter, strangely after a few minutes I then felt like I wanted to cry. Even more strange was the heat coming from her left hand onto my left shoulder – I told her after that I have rotator cuff inflammation in that particular shoulder.

After the treatment I felt quite tired, but for the first time in a long time, my anxiety and stress levels had simmered down. This is something I definitely need in my life but like everything it’s making the time for it!

For more information on reflexology visit Victoria is offering all Askmollybeauty readers 25% off a Reflexology or Reiki appointment (usual price £40), offer to be taken one month from publication. Contact 07940 533103, Twitter @LotusFeetReflex or via email

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