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Products to use and avoid during Pregnancy

Recently I’ve been reliving my pregnancies, as my lovely nanny helper Sally, is leaving me soon to have her first born.  I can remember quite clearly the date I took both my pregnancy tests. The first one was at home and not quite believing the faint blue positive line, I took 4 more tests just to make sure it was positive.  The second time I fell pregnant I took the test in CafĂ© Uno and my daughter gave the stick to my then husband, as he was about to tuck into his Fiorentina Pizza. He looked at her, then me and said ‘why have you handed me that’.  

Unfortunately both pregnancies did not come plain sailing.  I suffered severe sickness all day, swollen ankles, being kicked hard on a pelvic nerve, suffering so badly from Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction that I couldn’t lift my legs and backache. I also had excess saliva – I had to carry a cup to spit in to and cravings so bad for pink grapefruits, I nearly throttled the poor sales assistant in M&S when she said they weren’t going to stock them over Christmas.  After the birth I then suffered with severe post-natal depression, so it’s safe to say I didn’t fare well with both of my pregnancies.

I did treat myself and indulged in pregnancy massage, reflexology and of course pampering myself with products.  However, in pregnancy there are some do’s and don’t when it comes to treatments:-

·      When colouring your hair make sure you test the colour first as being pregnant can have an affect on allergic reactions even if you’ve used the dye before. Generally colouring is safe to use although some experts advise making sure the colour doesn’t come into contact with your scalp - highlights are fine.

·      Sunbeds are a swear word in my dictionary however, avoid during pregnancy.

·      Botox and fillers should not be prescribed to pregnant or lactating women.

·      This is the time to make sure you visit your dental hygienist.  I suffered with pregnancy gingivitis, which causes bleeding of the gums.

·      Avoid hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas as they raise your core body temperature and in turn can cause your unborn to become dehydrated.

·      Exercise is very important to increase your muscle mobility however, never start a new programme without consulting your doctor. Stretching is important but again speak to your doctor, as this is a time when joints become more lax and hypermobile.

·      If having an aromatherapy massage or using oils to prevent stretchmarks, check with your aromatherapist that the oils are safe as they are highly concentrated and can be absorbed into the body.

All these products are suitable for using during pregnancy:-

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser £26.90

Hormones during pregnancy can play havoc on the skin which means you may have to change your skincare products. This cleanser is suitable for anyone who has itchy, red sensitive skin and easily removes debris without any stinging.

Baby Hamper Cream £29.99

This gorgeous hamper is the perfect gift for a newborn. Containing a soft & snuggly bear, 5 pairs of socks, muslin cloths, tooth & brush, super soft fleece blanket, wash cloth and bib its filled to the brim with goodies.

Lush Toothy Tabs £2   Ultrabalm £ 8.25 Toner Water £3.95 available Lush stores nationwide.

Pop a packet of Lush Toothy Tabs into your bag for clean, fresh teeth all day long.  A unique concept from Lush who aim to reduce packaging from landfills, these tablets you simply break into your mouth then brush your teeth! Best of all they come in a variety of flavours – perfect if you’re suffering pregnancy sickness and can’t stand the taste of mint!   The Ultrabalm is a multi-purpose balm for any sore chaffing and is excellent for breastfeeding mums. It can be used all over the body to provide instant relief from soreness of chapped skin.  Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water is perfect if you’re suffering from hot sweats and flushes caused by hormones. Simply spritz whenever you’re feeling flushed for a pick me up.

Clarins Tonic Firming and Toning Body Treatment Oil £39 available Clarins counters nationwide.

This smells absolutely divine and is a must for anyone wanting to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. I used this through both my pregnancies every day and managed to get away with minimal stretch marks. It contains Rosemary, Sage and Mint to help reduce puffiness, boost circulation and refresh the skin. Excellent for the legs especially if you are suffering from Oedema (swelling caused by fluid retention).  Slightly different to normal oil in that after you apply you spritz with water to increase oil absorption.

Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer £37

With a combination of olive, coconut and palm oil this helps reinforce the skins suppleness. Not only does it prevent stretch marks forming but also helps fade new, red stretch marks formed by increasing the skins healing process.  An easy two-step method has been developed specifically for pregnancy women on all the pregnancy products.

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