Monday, 20 January 2014

Win a Valentines Date with Danny Wisker UKs Hottest Model!

Woohoo calling all single ladies in the County of Essex, I’m back it’s your Fairy Godmother and have I got a treat in store for you!  If, like me, you usually spend Valentines Day watching Pretty Woman on your own, gorging on a tub of Cookies & Dough, or deleting Facebook photos of He who shall not be named, then listen up as this Friday 14th February you could be having the date of your life as I’m bringing to you the best competition ever!

Firstly, in the comfort of your own home you will be given a sophisticated makeover by Daisy from the renowned Scarlett & Stone, the Beauty Therapists of Great Dunmow.  At the same time, leading hairdressers Smith & Co of Great Dunmow, will be attending to your locks giving you a glamorous style of your choice. Next you will be chauffeur driven in luxury style by McKenzie Arnold Executive Transport to the newly opened and rather upmarket The Rare Cow Restaurant, Billericay where you’ll be able to choose from the finest cuisine in Essex, a delicious 3 course meal.

Of course you may be wondering who you may take as your date and ladies this is where I will step forward and take my standing ovation.  As for one night only I’ve snagged you, one of the UKs hottest male models and TV finalist of ITV2 Girlfriends, Mr Danny Wisker, to entertain you whilst you sip your wine by candlelight.  Now whilst unfortunately I can’t apply to my own competitions, I will be there with the press photographer to capture the beginning of your special date and maybe a sneaky shot at the end, but I promise you will be left alone to enjoy good food and of course company! The photos will then be used as part of a feature for the paper and blog. Then as the evening draws, your carriage will await to take you home (please note, you will be going home – as this is where my competition ends)!

To enter, please form an orderly queue and get emailing and tell me in no more than 30 words why I should aim my cupids bow at you - good luck!

Darryl – comp rules – i.e. over 18, must be from Essex closing date 1st February etc. Thank you!
Photos – Danny Wisker in his tux(open shirt) and one of full him smiling boy next door wearing black t shirt, arms behind back.

Rare Cow photo/logo sent to you
Scarlett & Stone Photo/Logo sent to you
Smith & Co Hairdressers Logo sent to you
McKenzie Arnold have forwarded email to you.

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