Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Movember Raising Awareness for Prostate Cancer

Whilst half of the time I walk around with my head in the clouds it was apparent this time last year that something was definitely "out of place" on my gym floor. Not that I spend half the time looking at the opposite sex (although it's great for boredom busting on the treadmill), I noticed that most men were suddenly sporting a growth of facial hair by way of moustaches. Thinking maybe this was a new boy-band trend I asked one of the trainers who also had more hair growth than normal and this is when I learnt about the 'Movember' Charity which raises awareness for Prostate cancer by way of sporting a moustache for the month of November.

The campaign is close to my heart as my father was diagnosed with Prostate cancer 11 years ago and whilst after months of radiotherapy he beat this disease, the fact is it's the second most common cause of cancer death in men after lung cancer and in 2010 approximately 10,700 men died in the UK which is around 29 deaths per day (statistics taken from Symptoms vary but if you have any of the following please see your GP as the earlier its detected the easier it is to treat and the more likely treatment will be successful, some of these symptoms are:-

· Having to rush to the toilet to pass urine

· Difficulty passing urine

· Passing urine more often than usual, especially at night

· Pain when passing urine

· Blood in the urine or semen

To raise awareness Mike Linger of Winger Sports Academy agreed to grow a rather dashing moustache for this feature and I sent him along to the 'Expert of Shaving', Matt Norris of Menace Grooming in Shenfield who gave Mike the following tips:-

· Growing a moustache can be like growing your hair out in to a longer style - bear with it as there will be a scruffy awkward in-between stage. After a couple of weeks it should start to look intended and also stop itching by this stage too.

· Choose what style you're going for and speak to your barber about how exactly to achieve this.

· For shaving in general and therefore before shaving in a moustache, you should take a shower first to allow the hot water to soften the hair to be shaved on the face and open the pores to allow for an easier shave. Use a face scrub in the shower and be sure to rinse your face after shaving with cool water, finish with a good shave balm to close the pores.

· When shaving in the shape, shave just outside the intended area at first and then use a specific tool to cut the shape meticulously. A magnifying mirror can be handy for intricate styles and by leaving room for error you can try some bigger sized styles to see if you prefer them first.

· A beard trimmer and/or facial hair scissors neaten and tidy the length of the moustache especially along the lip line. The hair along the lip is important in making the moustache look groomed as being able to eat the hair is not attractive!

· To avoid itchy flaky skin underneath it's imperative to regularly moisturise into the actual hair at least once a day.

· Not only should every guy own a moisturiser but also a cleanser and exfoliating scrub. These are ideal for cleaning your moustache - and always check in the mirror after eating to ensure food hasn't nestled in!

· Lengthy moustaches will benefit from a hair conditioner in the shower to really treat the hair.

· Tame longer styles with a moustache comb, a specialised comb which is more subtle to use in public.

· To keep its shape finish off with moustache wax (available online), you only need a small amount just warm it up in your fingers before applying.

Dermalogica (stockists 0800 591818 and Menace) have an extensive range of shaving products to ensure you look as dapper as possible, their Invigorating Shave Gel £18.20 gives a "barber-close" shave with maximum comfort whilst soothing and cooling the skin, whilst Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin feeling soft and moisturised. For extra clean skin and to help any irritation and peeling use of their Daily Clean Scrub £24.80 is a must whilst finishing off with Post Shave Balm £26.50 will prevent ingrown hairs and also shorten post-shave recovery time.

Clarins (stockists Debenhams nationwide) also stock a wide variety of male skincare products and their 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser £21 is a quick one step product ideal for those short on time - not only does it cleanse and purify skin it also removes dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and refreshed.

Clinique Cream Shave £14 (available Clinique counters nationwide) is ideal for very sensitive skin, the rich cream lifts hair so the razor glides rather than drag across the skin which in turn decreases the risk of razor nicks and cuts.

I Coloniali Shaving Cream £15 (available M&S) has added Mango Oil to soothe and protect the skin. Mango is renowned for its emollient properties and widely used in Hindu mythology and culture - beautifully presented in a terracotta pot this is one to leave on your bathroom shelf!

For a huge bargain you can buy an entire shaving regime from Erasmic, their pure bristle Shave Brush, Shaving Soap with natural glycerine and enriching Shave Stick costs just under £5 for stockists call 01273 814 536.

Menace Grooming are donating £5 from every 'Movember' shave (priced £24) to the charity call 01277 202448 or book online

Winger Sports Academy Ltd offers one of the best sporting academies across Essex and London for further details visit

For features email me or follow Twitter @askmollybeauty.

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