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Easy Steps for Big Glam Hair!

You can take the girl out of Essex but you can't take Essex out of the girl and if there is one thing which is synonymous with us Essex girls then its big hair! Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with thick locks and my preparations on a Saturday night usually begin with over-loading on volumising products, getting into a tangled mess with Velcro rollers then chucking it into a pony tail. I can't begin to tell you how much money I've wasted on products which have promised me big, bouncing locks only to end up with straw like Worzel locks - not a good look. So I contacted Shelby at Raymond Bottone Hairdressers in Brentwood and she gave me some tips for readers who may need extra oomph in the styling department.

"1. Often overlooked in this day and age mousse is great choice for volume not only does it adds a coat to your hair giving it a thicker appearance, once blow dried it also offers a brilliant hold.

2. Hair spray is your best friend for finishing however, don't use too much as a little goes a long way and overusing hairspray will weigh your hair down resulting in less volume.

3. Make sure your hair is completely dry once you've finished blow drying your locks, damp hair will weigh it down and the finished result may differ from the hair completely dried.

4. Heated rollers are an option, wind them into dry hair (making sure you wind it 90

degrees from the angle of the head) whilst your putting your make up on. Unwind them once they've cooled down and dress out running your fingers through them, don't play around with them too much otherwise the curl could drop.

5. For long hair micro crimpers are session stylists' secret weapon on photo shoots. Take out the top layers of hair and crimp from the root (avoid getting too close to your scalp) to about 3-4inches on the hair - the tight texture instantly lifts the hair at the root.

6. Consider having layers cut in these will encourage movement and make your hair look thicker and healthier.

7. Back combing is also a classic option however, don't go too wild excessive back combing can cause split ends.

8. A round brush is your best friend - roller your brush up to the length of your hair and back again then leave the brush to cool slightly, unravel after a minute or two.

9. When drying with a hair dryer keep the dryer on the brush as the brush needs to stay hot in order to style the hair successfully."

Raymond Bottone are offering a consultation, haircut and blow dry for just £29 with Shelby valid until 30.11.13 - Tuesday to Saturdays only . For salon bookings call 01277 263060 or visit their website

I looked at some of the products and tools on the market which promised to transform limp and lifeless locks into catwalk worthy and here are some of my favourites:-

Paul Mitchells Express Ion Curl XL £69.95 is by far my favourite curling tong for large barrel curls and here's the jargon why. The tongs have a trademark which is the Express Ion Complex - this is a blend of volcanic minerals which condition the hair with negative ions and infrared heat which penetrates into the hair shaft meaning hair is styled quickly from the inside out, thus minimising damage and incredibly this complex is imbedded into the tongs - in turn hair is left incredibly glossy with curls which stay put all day. When I tested them I was so impressed with how quickly they heated up - literally seconds, my hair was left looking in tip top condition and with a shine usually reserved for shampoo ads! A similar process is used for the Express Ion Smooth tongs £89.95 with the same added complex, my daughter's thick wavy hair and my fine, frizzy hair was straightened with minimal effort. The different heat settings which take seconds to reach maximum temperature means even the curliest and coarsest hair can be left poker straight and full of shine.

I also tested Paul Mitchell Shampoo Extra Body Daily Boost £14.25 which is used on the roots of damp hair to give it vra vra vroom and thickness, the applicator is designed so you can apply the product directly where you need to add more volume, not only does it protect from heat styling but also contains Panthenol to protect fragile hair. Paul Mitchell Extra Body Thicken Up £14.75 an award winning product, also gives fantastic volume but without any of the stiffness other products can leave. Hair is left looking naturally full of body with a mirror glass shine and also has strengthening conditioners which protect against UV rays from the sun - so an excellent holiday product. Stockists

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Luxurious Volume Conditioner £5.99 and Blowdry Lotion £5.99 is all you need to inject some natural volume into your hair. The products leave your hair feeling soft to the touch and don't weigh fine locks down. Visit

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