Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lee Stafford Hair and Beauty Acadamy

Whenever I go into a large chemist store and idle down the hair aisles it’s always the same brand that catches my eye, the one with the bright pink packaging and if, like me, you also have a habit of browsing hair aisles then you’ll know exactly which brand I’m talking about – Lee Stafford. His famous hair line is the second most successful brand in Britain and sold in Australia, Russia and the USA. Whilst he surpassed his dreams of becoming one of the most sought after hairdressers in the world (his celebrity clientele reads a who’s who of A list celebs), his vision and passion has extended way beyond his own personal dreams of being a successful hairdresser.  He wanted to raise the profile of standard amongst hairdressing and it was last year on June 10th 2012 that he finally achieved this by opening his first, but by no means last, Lee Stafford Training Academy in Chelmsford. Alongside this he has also opened his first commercial Hair and Beauty Spa, so the public can experience for themselves just how high his standard of training is. 

I’ve reviewed many salons and for each one I’ve tried to bring the reader something different - after all, there are only so many facials one can write about (although it’s a pleasure reviewing them). The Lee Stafford Hair and Beauty Spa made this easy for me with unique treatments such as The English Rose Facial – for sensitive skin, The Diamond Noir an anti-ageing facial rich in zinc and iron, Kobido Elite a Japanese massage technique, right down to Sperience Wraps which uses silk to hydrate and leaves your skin shimmering. Also to spoil you is a five star spa area where you can escape for a few hours in their steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, flotation bath and amazing relaxation room with heated ergonomic beds to simply chill out. 

I was invited to sample their Bride and Groom package, an intimate spa treatment where you and your man can forget all about invite numbers and whether £500 is justifiable on a bunch of roses (tip for you men, just agree!) The treatment promised to bring some restoration back if you’ve both suffered stress or simply to connect again.  Now my only slight problem was getting a groom – I’d like to say I was inundated with offers but sadly wasn’t. However, I didn’t take this personally (it was a working day after-all), and just as the Senior Ed was about to send me a list of reporters (photos attached), I remembered my friend Andy from the gym and luckily found out he was off shift that day. So with that we both headed of for some serious unwinding (note to Ed would still like that list please).

The Spa was easy to find as was painted in the trademark bright pink and also had customer parking.  My first impression when I walked in was wow - modern space age décor, with a huge, pink ‘donut -shaped’ reception desk leading to an overtly plush purple waiting area. Beyond this I was wowed again with an outstanding hair salon, designed like a warehouse with exposed pipework and rows of gleaming workstations – ultra modern without being intimidating.  There was a funky, fun coloured garden area by the washbasins where a rather looming cows head watched over - nothing made sense, yet it all came together!

We were lead upstairs to the intimate spa area, which whilst compact was far from claustrophobic. The spa was spotless and with Japanese walking pads set into the floor, iced lemon water and a bottle of wine it’s easy to see why it’s been awarded 5 stars.  We were kitted out in sarongs, robes and slippers and led to our joint treatment room whereby we were treated to the most amazing full body massage and facial. No words were exchanged as our therapists Kimberley and Becca soothed away all our tension amazing massage techniques. The strategically placed bowls of rose petals and tea lights under the beds provided a tranquil ambience which zonked me into a cloud of cotton wool. Every now and then a nourishing mask, a nurturing flannel and the freshness from the Germaine de Capuccini products teased me awake but inevitably the light snoring took hold. Afterwards I managed to get from a very relaxed Andy that he’d found himself dribbling, whilst his foot, arm and hand massage was the best he’d experienced. Men don’t really notice their skin but I could immediately see the difference in radiance. As for me, well I can’t wait to round up some friends and head back for my birthday in June. It’s central yet discreet and with clothes shops galore makes for a perfect afternoon. Best of all only a limited number of guests are allowed ensuring total privacy.  Thank you to all the girls for such a lovely afternoon.

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