Thursday, 21 February 2013

Light Lipo - The Invisible Spanx

Cellulite, orange peel, sponginess call it what you will I have it, I don’t like it and I have spent along with many other fellow sufferers wasting pounds and hours trying to find a miracle cure for it. I managed to get away until my late 30’s with just the odd dent but when my kids think its bubble wrap something needs to be done.

Of course there are several things you can do to help eliminate it such as using creams containing caffeine, dry body brushing, change of diet and exercise but as I’ve mentioned before I’m a busy mum of two and just don’t have the time to spend on myself. What I need is a quick fix and that’s when Lara Surtees Beauty Therapy at LA Fitness, Brentwood came to my rescue with the latest in body sculpting treatments – Lipo-Light.

Whilst diet and exercise can help with weight loss there is nothing that can spot reduce and this is where Lipo-Light comes in on its own. It doesn’t involve tubes of fat being drained from the body, but is a non-invasive treatment that holds 16 pads of lights which treat 2 areas at the same time – this is the very latest of technology as most machines only contain 8 pads. It’s clinically proven to stimulate the body’s natural response to burning fat by using laser and whilst this can sound alarming, rest assured it does not cause any unnatural reaction in the body.  Imagine a layer of tissue beneath the skin, the purpose of this tissue is to break down food, retain heat and burn fat however, it can also store fat and this in turn becomes thick, retains water and toxins which give that orange peel effect.  Why does this happen? Well it’s usually a result of bad circulation, water retention, lack of exercise and a diet high in sugar and starches. Lipo-Light works by applying the pads to the fatty areas to open the cells and literally melt fat into the blood stream, this is then channelled through the lymphatic system, the body then produces enzymes to turn the fat into free-fatty acids which are used as energy – hence a cardio session must be taken within 12 hours so your body can burn the fat from exactly where you wish - if cardio is not performed the fat will be reabsorbed back into the skin.

So with all this information to hand I took myself and my muffin top off to Lara in the hope she could sculpt my wobbly bits. During the consultation we agreed that whilst I have the odd dimple my main concerns were my love handles including my back fat. After being measured the pads were placed over these areas and also my inner thighs and left for half an hour. The pads were pleasantly warm like being enveloped in a hot water bottle, in fact I could have quite easily fallen asleep but Lara’s friendly nature made me want to chat and I learnt more about her passion for reflexology, massage and how she acquired the salon 10 years ago.  When I stood up it was obvious to see my stomach was taut, like I was wearing invisible Spanx and this was confirmed when the tape measure showed a loss of 5cm. The final part of the treatment was a half hour cardio session with Nathan Barnes who took into account my arthritic joints and gave me a personalised circuit of suitable exercises to raise my heart rate at a fat burning level.

Lara is currently offering a trial treatment for £37 and it’s a money back guarantee – no inch loss – no pay.  Whilst great for a one off occasion, for best long term results a course of 8 treatments are recommended over a 4 week period inclusive of a personal training session and nutritional advice. Askmollybeauty readers can get an amazing discounted price of £475 instead of £700! Simply call Lara on 07970 444575 (answerphone).         

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