Tuesday, 4 April 2017


I've recently been quiet on the blogging front and with good reason. Having recently endured a hospital stay where I was consequently diagnosed with Colitis, my poor mother being rushed to hospital by ambulance with chest pains and sciatica, and lastly my elderly father who smashed his face falling down some steps, it's fair to say my family has been keeping the NHS busy.

So it was quite apt that my return to blogging starts with this fabulous new skin care line called My Trusty as it's been developed by the NHS.  Before I start writing about the products, which in themselves are fantastic it's important to note that all the profits taken from each purchase are directed back into the NHS.

So on to talk about the products themselves. Well I've always been a huge fan of Aqueous Cream, as I was once advised by a nurse that it's the only product that at that time, they used in hospitals as was so gentle to use.  Now the NHS have developed their own line of products and as you can probably guess, has been formulated for the most sensitive of skins, especially those who suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. However, extensive research has gone into the the ingredients to make sure that the products don't clog the pores, that they hydrate the skin and can be used on burns or scarring.  The key ingredient was to use sunflower oil due to its linoleum acid properties, which is ideal for the above skin conditions and complaints. The range is ideal for the whole family including pregnant mums and babies from 8 weeks old.

The range consists of:-

My Trusty Sunflower Body Lotion RRP £6.00 250ml - This lotion is ideal for dry, flaky skin types and perfect for those who've been in the sun. It sinks in easily and leaves skin softly hydrated and feeling smooth. For very sensitive skins this can be purchased fragrance free or with lavender oil, which soothes and calms.

My Trusty Sunflower Hand Cream RRP £4 100ml  - Many people, often hairdressers suffer from eczema on their hands and so this intensively deep moisturiser provides instant comfort. Ideal for gardeners and unlike many others on the market, doesn't leave skin feeling greasy. Again like the above comes in fragrance free or with lavender oil.

My Trusty Sunflower Body Butter RRP £9.00 200ml - This delightful, rich body butter contains bergamot, neroli and orange essential oils and transforms parched skin into silky soft skin.  Bergamot oil has many benefits from relieving muscle tension to calming irritated skin. Neroli is good for reducing scarring, wrinkles and stretch marks and like orange essential oil is good for rejuvenating and brightening dull skin types.

My Trust Sunflower Face and Body Oil RRP £9 50ml - Likewise this has similar essential oils and benefits to the Body Butter but also has rose and rosemary oil added.  Rose oil is an excellent ingredient in skincare as it calms the skin from flare ups of acne as well as reducing rosecea.  Rosemary is a good addition as it kills bacteria and strengthens capillaries so can slow the ageing process. This oil can be used under make up or applied at night, as the oils have a wonderful calming effect.


I love the products and would've marketed them as the 'Emergency Service Skincare Brand', as they do indeed help a huge variety of skin conditions.  The products are so reasonably priced and I would definitely advise just having a couple of them (certainly the face oil) in my medicine cabinet, especially for my hormonal time of the month!

Available from Tesco, Superdrug independent pharmacies and health and whole food stores nationwide.  Alternatively for a list of stockists visit www.mytrustyskincare.co.uk

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