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Interview with Chloe Sims

Chatting to Chloe before the Beauty Bar opened! 

Chloe Sims. The name may not mean much to many readers but for those avid The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) fans they will instantly recognize the name of one of the original cast members.  Whilst she’s not been given as much airtime as some of her colleagues in the past, she has certainly has a lot of publicity namely down to her love of make-up and glamour!

So when I was sent an e-mail inviting me to the launch of the new Chloe’s Beauty Bar in Brentwood jointly owned by Chloe Hearn, I asked if I could meet up with her beforehand. The reason being is I’ve met most of the TOWIE cast and yes, whilst they may have their love of make up and come across somewhat ditzy on the show – in reality they are extremely nice and well mannered. Most are the girls are chatty, approachable and extremely pretty (when they’re not caked in makeup) and as for the boys well their juvenility on the show is harmless and they too come across polite.   

Ahead of the photo-shoot I sent Chloe these questions. Her answers were rather guarded which made me even more determined to get a glimpse beyond the tan.

If you could only choose makeup product to wear what would it be?
I have my own "Chloe's beauty bar" make up range so I'd choose mine.

How do you stay so slim? Do you follow a certain diet or exercise plan?
Currently I'm using a program called protein world, I use slender blend, and I also go to the gym regularly. 

Smokey eyes or neutral eyes?
Depends on the occasion. 

Red lips or natural pink?
I love both but think pink suits me best.

Deep tan or light glow?
Hmm this is tricky I like both depending on where I am - I have a whole tanning range so I always have a glow.

Would it put you off a man if he wore manmascara?

What's your favourite perfume?

How do you prepare for hot date?
Same as I'd prepare for a night out really.

Hair natural or extensions?
I have extensions for thickness but if your lucky enough to have thick natural hair then of course natural.

Your beauty bar - what is your no 1 treatment?
Make up I love make up!!

What makes your beauty bar different to anyone else?
Well I don't know any other beauty bars, the influence was from a blow bar I visited in LA and I wanted to bring the concept to Essex.

Are you spiritual?

Do you support any charities?

I think you're naturally beautiful would you go out without makeup?
Yes, and thank you.

What's the important characteristic in a person?

And conversely what are you turn offs?
Lots but I'd say disloyal people.

What is your future plan if TOWIE doesn't continue?
For the foreseeable further TOWIE is set to continue so I’ll see at the time.

What are your views on marriage? 
I think marriage is an amazing commitment, but I think you should only marry if you really feel you’ll be together forever.

Beauty skin care regime?
I use E45 Cream and Sudo Cream on blemishes.

Gym, fashion, reading, beauty.

What do you think minimum age should be for Botox?
Hmm depends on individual personally I had my first Botox at 29.

Tell me something readers or myself do not know about you i.e. any strange habits?
I love Marmite!! 

If you could invent one make up or beauty product what would be?
A treatment to close open pores.

Which celeb do you admire and why?
I've never really been one to admire celebs I get more inspired by my friends and family, and people I meet everyday, A celeb I find interesting is Kim K.

On the day I met both the girls at Chloe’s Beauty Bar. Whilst it was hard to imagine the final outcome as was still in the midst of building works, I was impressed by how well thought out the concept was.  Bridging a gap from normal beauty salons, their ‘Beauty Bar’ was going to offer nails, tanning, makeup and hair makeovers all under one roof. Chloe already has her own tanning range (which I’ve tested in the past and have to say is very good), but she also has her own make-up range launching too. Both girls were business savvy and any pre-conceptions I had of ‘ditziness’ slapped me right in the face as they talked about their aim to ‘get the locals in with fantastic promotional offers’.  Another package would be ‘Prom Makeovers’ and this is where Chloe Sims stressed her absolute dislike of promoting any form of glamourizing children. The salon is aimed for teenagers and above and she spoke strongly on how much she disagreed with children using make-up, and conversely how she didn’t experiment with make-up until she was 16. 

Cheeky glass champers at press evening for Chloe's Beauty Bar

So my views? I think they will do incredibly well, it goes without saying that the tourists will flock to experience a ‘Chloe Make-over’ however, both girls aren’t kidding themselves and know it’s the locals they need to secure their future if and when TOWIE ends. As for Chloe Sims herself, well I’m one to admit I can on occasion pre-judge (although I’m trying not to), but like the rest of her cast-mates she was utterly down to earth, incredibly friendly, had her head screwed the right way on, but more than that she had an inner warmth to her personality which shone through those thick lashes. I 
wish both the girls every success! Bookings will go live on Sat 10th May at 10.30am when the salon opens to the public. Contact 01277 227513.
Evening of Press Launch Chloe's Beauty Bar

The next day I attended to Bloggers Breakfast and had a Chloe Makeover courtesy of the very sweet, extremely pretty and talented Whitney Paige Kiely! Would 100% recommend her for makeover!
makeup free

Love the makeup products - nice neutral colours

Glamming it up - I had false lashes on for the school run after!

This was the most natural Chloe makeover - there was a choice of around 5. All the products used are sold in the shop. 

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