Thursday, 17 October 2013

bareMinerals Eyecolor

Okay so this wasn't supposed to have a review on its own as I'm going incorporate in my Christmas Glamour Feature in few weeks for the paper, but I got so excited when saw the gorgeous colours that had to just share!

Shimmering gunmetal and smokey shades I tested Imagination and Dakota, both gorgeous lightweight minteral eyeshadows £14. So impressed not only with the colours but with the added Vitamins A&E to treat the eye area and also contain various anti-oxidants. Can be used in a variety of way by lightly dampening a brush to make a paste with the colour then applying from lash to crease only, this can be enhanced by using another colour on top to create a foil effect.

Also fell in love with Prime Time Primer Eyeshadows £16 indeed this one is a gunmetal shade and Chroma Voilet both of which are waterproof. They didn't budge off my hands and had a super shimmer to them perfect for the smokey eye look. I've also got tucked away in the photo the Foundation Primer £19 but haven't time to write lots on it - basically a brightening and illuminating primer to give the skin radiance. More will be featured on these in other articles and on the radio but just wanted share the photos!

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