Thursday, 21 March 2013

Breakfast with A list Celebrity Makeup Artist - Susan Posnick

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to meet up with Susan Posnick at a PR launch by Flipside PR in association with SkinBrands. I have to be honest and say that anyone else and I would have turned down the invitation, I felt unwell, the kids had been up all night and I was shattered, however, those in the beauty sector will know Susan is not an opportunity to be missed, no matter how tired!

Susan Posnick's CV is pretty impressive - as she gave her talk and mentioned the people she'd worked with incl Tom Hanks, Cindy Crawford and the A list celebs that wear her make up such as Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Sandra Bullock, I was mentally clocking up  names ready to show off to my friends!

However, what really impressed me about Susan was not her warm nature, her amazing making up skills but her attitude towards skin health and specifically skin cancer. Having fought this disease herself, this is what inspired her to bring out her own mineral make up brand which protects against the sun and the amount of work that's gone into her products.

Lets take her Colorflo Mineral Foundation, it's not just any mineral foundation. As with all her packaging, there has been months of precision testing on how the brushes feel against the skin (fyi she uses a mixture of goats hair and synthetic for the best application). The Colorflo is easy to apply and best of all easy for refills, simply unwind the bottom cartridge. This amazing pure mineral foundation protects against the sun with Zinc and Titanium Dioxide and also has Vitamin A and E, so is a good all round skin product to help with ageing and inflammation/redness.  

Her lipstick packaging has a lovely click sound so you know the lid won't fall off in your bag, I shouldn't say lipstick, its a conditioner, balm, plumper in one that gives brilliant coverage –  it also contains Paracress a hydrating South African plant –  she used Miami on her model who had pale skin totally opposite to my olive skin, but luckily for me i'd gratefully received the same lip colour in my goody bag and it awakens my skin colour.

You see Susan's has several philosophies that her minimal colour line should suit every skin tone, eye colour and hair colour, it should be easy and quick, hence most products are dual purpose. Her eyeliner pencil is a shadow and liner in one, depending on how you hold the eyeliner it can be used slanted to cover whole lid, direct as an eyeliner and the opposite end has shadow pressed into the lid –  takes multi-tasking to a new level. Susans honesty came across when she admitted that her loose minerals are all 100% minerals but her pressed pigments do contain a few synthetics, but nothing that is harmful to the skin i.e no talcs etc. Even her make up bags are see through so you can take them through the airport security, or have easy access if in the car, on train.

However, it was her Brush on Sun Screen that has impressed me the most. In a similar packaging to the ColorFlo this is simply loose pure minerals that give sun protection. It can be used on children from 6 months, eliminates stinging cream in eyes, no grease and gives full protection. Kids will love the design as will both men and women, totally unique I think she has hit on something here that many brands will try to copy.

Lastly I should mention that a percentage of proceeds sold on her makeup brand will go to a charity Linking the World, who's President is Mina Change –  this is why Mina is the face of Susan Posnick due to her work with the charity –  she represents what we should all strive to have, humanity.

Thank you Susan and Flipside PR for a great morning –  and please don't leave it too long before bringing out a skincare brand, keep those ideas going in your head! We need them!

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