Thursday, 1 May 2014

Venus Freeze - The Secret A List Hollywood Facial

A few months ago I had briefly mentioned in my column about a procedure I was currently under-going called Venus Freeze at the Derma Aesthetics (DA) Clinic in Brentwood.  Unfortunately half way through the treatment I had to postpone due to illness however, as soon as I was on the mend I contacted Noorie the owner and desperately asked her if we could finish the course.  The reason for my rather urgent pleas were not because my chocolate addiction had reached new heights – eating the Cooks Chocolate Drops at 11pm should paint you a picture, but because I was incredibly impressed with the results when I was having the treatment.

I first heard of Venus Freeze treatments on Twitter it was a huge buzz word amongst beauty professionals, but as I delved deeper I learnt that most of the reviews were from the US – it won American Health & Beauty 2013 Readers Choice Awards for ‘best of all procedures’ and has been featured in most glossy magazines as a must-have anti-ageing course of treatments.  If you go onto the website you’ll see for yourself the impressive marketing claims such as ‘2,000,000 Venus Treatments performed worldwide every year’, as well as many testimonials from top dermatologists to facial surgeons.  It’s been hailed as the ‘Face List of the Future’ and supermodels such as Yasmin Le Bon, Lisa Snowden and Cara Delevingne rave about it.  So I was pretty keen to see why Hollywood class this as the A List Facial and the non-invasive replacement for Botox.

So what exactly is it?  Well it’s a device that is used for both the face and body. On the face it helps treat wrinkles, tighten slackening skin, plumping cheekbones, giving radiance and reducing eye bags.  On the body it can diminish cellulite and circumferential fat and again tighten areas of concern.  So how does it do this? Well unlike many other treatments on the market, it cleverly uses a combination of multi-polar radiofrequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields to ‘produce a dense and uniform heat matrix.  In readers language it basically heats the under layer of the skin with radiofrequency whilst the Pulsed Magnetic Fields directs the heat bypassing the top layer of the skin to ensure no damage, this in turn stimulates the body’s natural healing response, which creates new collagen to form.  The entire procedure is Food and Drug Administration Approved, clinically proven and Venus Freeze stress its safe and effective.  Between 6 and 8 treatments are usually required and one area typically takes less than 30 minutes. Best of all it’s pain free and results on the face are immediate.

On my first day of the treatment a full consultation including my medical history took place and areas of concern were discussed. Once again, my ‘mum tum’ took centre stage and for my face well I’ve always fancied ‘Kate Moss’ cheekbones.  I was measured and many rather unflattering photos were taken before I lay on the comfortable chair to ‘relax and enjoy’.

 I was concerned whether the treatment would be painful or not but I needn’t have worried. If you have ever been lucky enough to receive a hot stone massage then this was similar.  The pads whilst being massaged on my stomach were at times hot, were not unbearably so and my only struggle was to not fall asleep.

Noorie was keen to get started on my face and it was understandable why. Half way through and just as I was about to nod off, she suddenly interrupted my ‘Gerard Butler on the beach’ dream and put the lights on.  She had treated just one side of my face and wanted me to see the difference for myself.  Now I’m always skeptical about these ‘miracle’ treatments, but any sceptism I had was swiftly knocked from my mind when I looked in the mirror.  I was greeted with someone whom looked well rather lopsided.  Such was the degree of difference in lifting my cheekbone that I wouldn’t let her finish the other side until I’d tweeted out several photos, in short I was gobsmacked by the results.  It can be very difficult as a beauty writer, especially one who writes for a county paper if they have the treatments and don’t notice a difference – on these occasions they don’t make my column. As I’ve often said most of us don’t have money to spend and if they do then they need to see immediate results.  So as my testimonial if you ever see me on the street - I’d be happy to show you a picture of my wonky face – its still on my phone!

The (DA) Clinic has exclusivity of Venus Freeze treatments in Essex. The salon is based above Mars & Venus Hairdressing in Brentwood, which also offers a Salon of Beauty, The Make Up Lounge and Pace Personal Training – making it a ‘one-stop’ shop.

If you would like a free demonstration of Venus Freeze the DA Clinic will be at Rocky’s Fun House, Brentwood on Friday 16th May between 10-3pm.   If you would like details on Venus Freeze contact 01277 213 980 or   Askmollybeauty readers will receive a full £95 facial for just £25 redeemable against future bookings. 10% is also being offered of all courses of treatments just quote BWG01. Available one month from publication.

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